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 Country of kings, fairy tales, and happy people 
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What do we know about Denmark? The question is simple, but, nevertheless, I am sure it will be difficult to many people. We should admit that we know a little.

Denmark is not only the country in which, according to statistics, live the happiest people in the world. Denmark is small cozy towns, colorful houses, luxury castles in paradise parks - a true kingdom from fairy tales. There's no wonder that an eccentric storyteller Hans Christian Andersen was born here.

Before arrival in Denmark we wondered how it happened that most of people in other countries have only heard about two Danish companies (Maersk and Carlsberg), and, nevertheless, the Danish economy is one of the most stable in the world. The answer is simple - people. Denmark is a home to about 6 million people, but they love their country, love good service, and always try to be professionals.

Denmark's capital Copenhagen is a quiet and friendly town where different architectural styles coexist, from classic to high-tech. People sit on the bikes almost from birth. There is a huge amount of bike paths, parks, pedestrian streets and canal waterfronts, where people rest in the evening. 

For a first visit to Denmark, you even do not need a plan. Just come to Copenhagen, spend a couple of days in the city and use the remaining days to visit the nearby attractions on the island of Zealand. Trip to the most of them will take you less than an hour.

So, during your first visit you can see:

1. Copenhagen

Nyhavn ©Yuriy Buriak

2. Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral
Roskilde Cathedral ©Yuriy Buriak

3. Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg castle
Frederiksborg castle ©Yuriy Buriak

4. Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle ©Yuriy Buriak

Map of Denmark
Map of Denmark ©@

Useful links:

http://www.visitdenmark.com - tourism portal of Denmark
http://flysas.com - airline
http://www.stenaline.co.uk - ferries
http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk - ferries
http://www.rejseplanen.dk/bin/query.exe/en - route planner
http://www.dsb.dk - railways (Danish only). Find here a tutorial in PDF describing how to buy tickets.

Some of the movies where you can see Denmark:

The Bridge (2011) - Modern Danish-Swedish detective TV show, events of which are associated with the Øresund Bridge that connects the two countries.

Copenhagen (2014) - Danish melodrama

The Prince and Me (2004) - a romantic comedy. As you might guess from the title, prince is from Denmark.

Nymphomaniac (2013) - in this film Denmark is shown only occasionally, but it was shot by Lars von Trier - the most famous Danish director. Almost every of his movie was filmed partly in Denmark.

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