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 Country of half-timbered houses, beer, and good infrastructure 
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What to see next - Germany
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MeersburgRating: 7.00
Meersburg was a real discovery for us. It is a small but very beautiful town with a promenade, old streets and a castle, read more...

Hexentanzplatz in the Harz mountainsRating: 7.00
One of the places with a comprehensive set of attractions, and one of the best places in Northern Germany to visit in the fall, read more...

HohenschwangauRating: 7.00
Surprisingly, this village, with one 500-meter street, is one of the most visited places in Germany. And all thanks to Neuschwanstein Castle, read more...

FuessenRating: 6.80
Füssen is a popular resort, though mostly as a gateway to Europe's most popular castle, Neuschwanstein. We visited it with a small child, so we just wandered through the streets of the city, read more...

LeipzigRating: 6.60

Leipzig is fairly a large city by German standards and a major transport hub. During World War II it was ..., read more...

Koenigstein fortressRating: 6.60
On a high cliff above the Elbe there is a plateau with an area of 9.5 hectares. Since 1233 this ..., read more...

Jasmund National ParkRating: 6.60
High chalk cliffs among the green forest and above the sea - this is the Jasmund National Park. The smallest national park in Germany and quite new, was formed in 1990, read more...

LindauRating: 6.60
Lindau is the symbol of Lake Constance (Bodensee) and the most popular place. The historic part of the city is located on a small island (Insel), which is quite similar to Venice. Although the area of the island is less than 1 square kilometer, it manages to accommodate a railway station (1853), a bus station, covered and open parking lots, read more...

SaarbrueckenRating: 6.40

Saarbrücken is the capital of Saarland, the smallest land of Germany. The city is a major industrial center but at the ..., read more...

Abandoned Hospital Beelitz-HeilstattenRating: 6.40
In the forest near Berlin there is an interesting abandoned hospital complex, consisting of more than 60 buildings. It was originally planned as a sanatorium for Berlin workers, but subsequently came under the control of the military. During the First and Second World Wars, it was the main hospital in the region. In 1916, Adolf Hitler was treated here, he was injured in the leg on the battlefield, read more...

OberammergauRating: 6.20

Oberammergau is a small town in Bavaria. Many buildings in the center of the town are embellished with frescoes, scenes ..., read more...

Unusual observation deck Jahrtausendblick in an abandoned amusement parkRating: 6.20
Every time we drove along the A2 motorway between Hannover and Dortmund, we saw an unusual structure on the mountain. It turned out that a Steinzeichen amusement park had been built there for the EXPO 2000. However, the company that owned it went bankrupt, and the park gradually began to deteriorate, read more...

Frankenstein castleRating: 6.00
Castle Frankenstein is known among tourists mostly due to its famous name. There is a strong possibility that Mary Shelley wrote her famous novel Frankenstein after visiting the ruins of this castle in the early 1800s. Also here is being held the largest in Germany Halloween festival, read more...

Cape ArkonaRating: 6.00
Cape with high chalk cliffs on the island of Rügen. In addition to natural beauty, it is also of historical importance; here was located the Jaromarsburg sanctuary of the ancient Slavic tribe, read more...

Chinese garden in WeissenseeRating: 6.00
We discovered this unusual place quite by accident. Imagine you are walking down a quiet German street, read more...

Granitz castleRating: 5.80
Granitz Hunting Lodge is one of the most popular castles in eastern Germany. The architecture is absolutely not typical for Germany, such castles can be seen in Italy, but not here, read more...

Hamburg Cruise DaysRating: 5.80
The world's largest show of cruises and cruise liners. It takes place on the embankment of Hamburg for several days in September every two years, read more...

Buchenwald Concentration CampRating: 5.00

Buchenwald concentration camp was established in 1937 near Weimar, the cultural capital of Germany. Initially the camp was used to ..., read more...

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