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Other interesting places or events - Germany
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The Zoological Garden in Hannover (Tiergarten)Rating: 9.20
In addition to the gorgeous zoo, Hanover has another, little-known place with animals. Tiergarten was founded in 1678/79 by Duke Johann Friedrich Kahlenberg, who released 120 doe in the park for hunting. Nowadays nobody hunting the animals and they walk freely on the whole territory of 112 hectares, read more...

Park Inn by Radisson in BerlinRating: 9.20
If you want to stay in a high-rise hotel in Berlin then Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz is the right choice (booking.com). The hotel is relatively inexpensive and located in the very center, read more...

New district Uberseestadt in BremenRating: 9.00
Today we will walk through the new district of Bremen Überseestadt, which can be translated as the City above the Water, read more...

Kurpark SchwangauRating: 8.80
On a hill above the town of Schwangau there is a beautiful park, which offers fabulous views of the valley, the mountains, and Neuschwanstein Castle, read more...

Hamburg viewpoint near the theaterRating: 8.80
Most tourists in Hamburg follow the tunnel under the Elbe and come to a viewpoint on the other side of the river (53.542333, 9.967278). However, there is another viewpoint nearby that is much closer to the Philharmonie and therefore offers more scenic views. This is the viewpoint near the theater, read more...

Ronald McDonald House in EssenRating: 8.60

In Essen Grugapark you can find a very unusual building of Austrian architect Hundertwasser. The building is called House of ..., read more...

GifhornRating: 8.60
A town in Lower Saxony. The main attraction is the International Windmill and Watermill Museum, which has mills from more than 10 countries, read more...

Vischering castleRating: 8.60
The region around Münster has the largest number of water castles. The Vischering Castle is perhaps one of the most beautiful and characteristic in Westphalia, read more...

Spotting Point at Hanover AirportRating: 8.60
If you like to look at airplanes, then there is an equipped observation deck near Hanover Airport. It is located here N 52 27.186 E 9 41.391. Come in the evening to get a beautiful light, read more...

GothaRating: 8.40

Gotha was visited by us accidentally. We missed the next train and had to spend somehow 2 hours. After the ..., read more...

Castle and park in MerseburgRating: 8.40
We stopped in Merseburg on the way and spent the night at the local Radisson (booking.com). Right next to the hotel there is a rather large and beautiful castle-palace, as well as a park. That's why we chose the town, since it's quiet and we had fun walking around, read more...

Fireworks Festival in HannoverRating: 8.20
For more than 20 years international annual fireworks festival is held from May to September in the Large Garden of the Hannover Royal Gardens. Pyrotechnics teams from 5 different countries take part in the festival. Each performance lasts 25 minutes and is judged, read more...

WolfenbuettelRating: 8.20

Wolfenbüttel is a small town 12 km from Braunschweig and 60 km from Hannover. The town is well-known in ..., read more...

Allianz Arena StadiumRating: 8.20

The Allianz Arena stadium was built in 2002-2005 for the World Cup 2006 that was held in Germany. Construction cost is around 550 million euros. The stadium is the home arena of the best German football club Bayern (Munich), read more...

Devil's wall (Teufelsmauer)Rating: 8.20
Devil's Wall is a rock formation made of sandstone, formed in the late Cretaceous period, more than 70 million years ago. Despite the fact that this place is a national reserve since 1935, it is little known. The rocks here are interesting as they located in the middle of the fields, read more...

Rheinsberg CastleRating: 8.20
The picturesque castle (palace) on the banks of Lake Grinericksee in the city of Reinsberg, read more...

Observation point on the radio tower in Berlin (Berliner Funkturm)Rating: 8.20
One of the less-known observation platforms in Berlin. It is quite far from the center, so there are few tourists here. Was built in 1924-1926 in the territory of the exhibition complex. In 1929, here was the world's first television broadcast. The construction is metallic and resembles the Eiffel Tower, the observation deck is located at a height of 124 meters, read more...

Hermitage BayreuthRating: 8.20
The park appeared here with the construction in 1715 of the Old Palace, the residence of Margrave Georg William. After his death, the residence passed to his son Frederick, and he presented it to his wife Wilhelmina. The name Hermitage is translated from French as a place of solitude, read more...

Alley of copper beeches in Bad NenndorfRating: 8.20
There is an unusual place in the spa town of Bad Nendorf. About 100 years ago, an avenue of rare copper beech trees was planted here. These trees have, so far, an undisclosed genetic disorder that causes them to grow sideways instead of upwards, read more...

Christmas Garden HannoverRating: 8.20
During the Christmas holidays, many European cities arrange colorful illumination. In Hannover this happens in the zoo, read more...

Neuhaus Castle in PaderbornRating: 8.00

Neuhaus Castle, former residence of bishop princes, is quite a famous Renaissance castle in North Rhine-Westphalia. Thanks to the gardeners' exhibition on its territory in 1994, it was renovated and now you can find it in excellent condition, read more...

Sankt Peter-OrdingRating: 8.00
St. Peter-Ording is the mayor resort of Schleswig-Holstein, the only seaside resort in Germany with a sulphur spring. The geography of this place is very interesting. The coast is very flat and tides can be up to 3 meters. Therefore, between the sandy beach and the hotels is a 1 kilometer buffer zone, read more...

Augustusburg Palace in BruehlRating: 8.00
The 18th century Rococo Palace, built by order of the Archbishop and Elector of Cologne, Clemens August Bavarian, read more...

Basedow Castle (Schloss Basedow)Rating: 8.00
One of the most beautiful castles in Mecklenburg Switzerland. It was built by the noble family Hahn in 1467 and is one of the oldest in the region, read more...

Hundisburg castleRating: 8.00
Luxury Baroque castle-palace,

Heldrungen castleRating: 8.00
An interesting fortification with two moats and four bastions. This is the only fully preserved castle in Germany, built in the French architectural style. In the center is a Renaissance castle built in 1512 - 1519, although the oldest buildings date from 1217, read more...

Eutin and Eutin castleRating: 8.00
Eutin is a city in the Holstein Switzerland nature park (Naturpark Holsteinische Schweiz). It stands on the shore of a large lake Großer Eutiner See, read more...

Oranienbaum Palace and Park (Schloss Oranienbaum)Rating: 8.00
Palace and park ensemble of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as part of the Park Kingdom of Dessau-Vörlitz, read more...

Breakfast in a bunker in HamburgRating: 8.00
A dilapidated World War II bunker has now been turned into a so-called Energy Bunker. Inside there are installations for the production of electricity and heat using solar energy, biomethane and a wood burning system, read more...

Stintfang viewpoint in HamburgRating: 8.00
The historic Stintfang Hill is a remnant of the former Hamburg ramparts from the 17th century and is named after the large quantities of smelt fish (Stint) that used to be caught here. The southwesternmost bastion of the city's fortifications was located here, read more...

Geyser in Bad OeynhausenRating: 8.00
In the town of Bad Einhausen there is AQUA MAGICA park with an unusual attraction. Surprisingly, the town does not advertise this place in any way, we learnt about it by chance, found it on google maps, read more...

Forest Spiral House in DarmstadtRating: 7.80

There is an interesting house in the city of Darmstadt, which was designed by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The house shows that people should live in harmony with nature even in cities, read more...

Corvey CastleRating: 7.80

In the Internet this place is often called the Corvey Abbey, and it is wrong: mass tourists will not go ..., read more...

Cycling Route Along the Weser RiverRating: 7.80

Cycling route along the Weser river with a length of about 500 kilometers starts in Hann. Münden and continues to Cuxhaven at the ..., read more...

Ruhrtal bridgeRating: 7.80
The Ruhrtal Bridge in Mülheim-Mintard is the longest steel-bridge in Germany and one of Europe’s biggest bridge construction projects after ..., read more...

MeissenRating: 7.80
Meissen has one of the most beautiful castles in Germany - Albrechtsburg. This was the main reason why we came ..., read more...

Gluckburg CastleRating: 7.80
Glücksburg is the northernmost castle in Germany. It was built in 1582 in the middle of a lake in the city of the same name. Over the centuries it was one of the most important family seats in Northern Germany. Here lived Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein and, occasionally, the Danish kings, read more...

Westerheversand LighthouseRating: 7.80
The Westerheversand Lighthouse, built in 1908, is the most famous lighthouse in Germany and a symbol of the north of the country. Stands in the middle of the fields with absolutely nothing for a few kilometers around. Two identical houses are built near the lighthouse, in one of them there is a local registry office. The place is very unusual and worth a visit, read more...

WarburgRating: 7.80
Historic city in North Rhine-Westphalia,

Clemenswerth CastleRating: 7.80
Despite the name "castle", it is more of a hunting complex, though it has a very unusual, geometric shape. It was built in 1737-1747 by order of Bishop Clemens Augustus, and the architect was famous Baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun, read more...

Eder Lake (Edersee) and Waldeck castleRating: 7.80
The Eder lake (or reservoir) is a rather large resort and tourist zone in the very center of Germany. There are a lot of interesting things here and it’s unrealistic to see everything in one visit. We will describe the places that we saw during our first visit, read more...

Park in BurgdorfRating: 7.80
Burgdorf is a town near Hanover. It has a small half-timbered center and a beautiful park, which we visited in November, read more...

Tegel, district of BerlinRating: 7.80
One of the districts of Berlin. Until recently it was widely known due to the international airport of the same name. Now the airport is closed, and the territory is expected to be the largest construction project in Berlin. It is planned to build a scientific-technical university and a residential area, read more...

Lookout tower on Wilzenberg mountain (Wilzenbergturm)Rating: 7.80
The historic observation tower on Mount Wilzen is 17 metres high and is one of the oldest metal observation towers, read more...

StadeRating: 7.80
Probably the oldest city in northern Germany. The first settlers arrived here as early as 1000 BC. Around 800 AD, a settlement with a simple harbour was built. In 994 the settlement was sacked by Vikings and Stade is first mentioned as Stethu, read more...

Huennefeld CastleRating: 7.60

Hünnefeld Castle is located several kilometers from the Ippenburg Castle. The area was first mentioned in 1146. The first castle was ..., read more...

WuerzburgRating: 7.60

Würzburg is little known among foreign tourists. This Baroque city is located in the heart of Germany, while most tourists ..., read more...

Wolfcenter in DoerverdenRating: 7.60
There are a lot of different private zoos and animal centers in Germany. One of them is located near Bremen, ..., read more...

Tiger and Turtle - The Magic Mountain in DuisburgRating: 7.60
"Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain" is an unusual attraction which was created in 2011 in the German Duisburg. The construction, reminiscent of roller coaster, built on top of the old slag heap. It does not carry any practical purpose and used for entertainment and as an observation deck. In the evening the art object is highlighted, read more...

Schieder palace (Schloss Schieder)Rating: 7.60
Small palace of the early 18th century. It was built by a representative of one of the branches of the noble family Lippe, and later belonged to various graphs of Lippe, read more...

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