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Other interesting places or events - Germany
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CuxhavenRating: 6.20
The city consists of two parts, one is a large port, the second is a seaside resort, read more...

Trail over the treetops in Bad Harzburg (Baumwipfelpfad)Rating: 6.20
In 2015, a new landmark opened in Bad Harzburg - the trail above the treetops. Such constructions are now opening across Europe, read more...

Oberwerries CastleRating: 6.20
Oberverris Water Castle consists of several buildings. The central palace was built at the end of the 17th century. The territory is small, though there is a baroque garden. It is mainly used for conferences and receptions, read more...

Wildlife Park in MuedenRating: 6.20
A small zoo designed for visits with children. A distinctive feature is the ability to buy food for 1 euro in the machine and feed some animals. There are also performances and feedings, read more...

TuechersfeldRating: 6.20
The village of Tuchersfeld is located in a mountainous area called Franconian Switzerland. Its main feature is a 150 million years old fossilized reef, read more...

BallenstedtRating: 6.20
We came to Ballenstedt to see the castle and the park around it in the late Baroque style, an example of garden art of the 18th - 19th centuries, read more...

Gegenstein Rocks near BallenstedtRating: 6.20
The rocks near the town of Ballenstedt on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains. There are two of them: Großer Gegenstein and Kleiner Gegenstein ("Big Gegenstein" and "Little Gegenstein"), read more...

VegesackRating: 6.20
We came here because found a city with a funny name on the map. As it turned out, no one knows exactly where the name came from, and it's not officially a separate city now, but a district of Bremen. The period from 1618 to 1623, when the first artificial river port in Germany was built here by the Bremen Council, can be considered the moment of the city's foundation. However, by the end of the 18th century, due to the siltation of the Weser River, large ships could no longer use it. With the incorporation of Bremen in 1803, the situation improved. At the beginning of the 20th century, Vegesack was even home to Europe's largest herring harvesting fleet, read more...

Natur Live Geopark in the Harz MountainsRating: 6.00

The Natur Live Geopark is located in the Western part of the Harz Mountains. It is a complex of tourist forest ..., read more...

MindenRating: 6.00

Minden is famous for its water bridge, one of the most unusual structures in Germany. Being 370 meters long, it's the ..., read more...

Klink castleRating: 6.00
Beautiful castle in the neo-Renaissance style in the Müritz National Park. It was built in 1898 on the isthmus between two lakes. The architecture copies the castles of the Loire Valley in France, read more...

High Stone Rocks (Hohenstein Klippen)Rating: 6.00
Landmark of the river Weser mountain area (Weserbergland). 50-meter cliffs with a good view, where you can meet the sunset. Find here maps with hiking trails, we used the one which starts from the parking lot, read more...

Mechlenbruch swamp (Hochmoor Mecklenbruch)Rating: 6.00
In Germany, quite a lot of protected areas are swamps, this is one of them. There is nothing special to do here, you can stop by and take a walk in nature, especially with children. Theoretically, you can see some birds, but we found only a hare, read more...

Ancient Corals and Ith TowerRating: 6.00
We offer you the option of a weekend trip. The length of this route is 4.5 km one way, the elevation is approximately 200 meters. The trail is available at any time, but it is better to choose good weather. You can go in the spring, during flowering, as well as in autumn and summer. We walked at 30 degrees heat, but since almost the entire route runs under the trees, it was quite comfortable to walk. In the summer, by the way, there are also quite a lot of flowers, read more...

Schaumburg CastleRating: 6.00
Since the 12th century, the castle has been a tribal nest of the count family of Schaumburg. In 1866, it passed over to the Hohernzollern family, as a result of victory in the Austro-Prussian War. Though in 1907, Emperor Wilhelm II presented the castle to Prince Georg Schaumburg-Lippe as a gift for a silver wedding, and thus the castle returned to its historical owners. In 1913, they carried out a thorough reconstruction. The castle is currently owned by the Schaumburg-Lippe family, read more...

Georgium ParkRating: 6.00
In 1780 Prince Johann Georg (1748-1811), the younger brother of the reigning Prince Leopold III (Anhalt-Dessau), began laying out his large landscape garden northwest of Dessau, read more...

UeberlingenRating: 6.00
A small spa town on the shores of Lake Constance, founded in 1268. It developed actively due to its status as a free imperial town, but after the Thirty Years' War the development slowed down and the town turned into a resort, read more...

Bog trail in Resse (Moorerlebnispfad Resse)Rating: 6.00
In Germany, bog trails are quite popular. They are made for educational purposes, you can walk around and read information about the flora and fauna of the bogs. In summer you can walk around the swamp barefoot. I can't say it's something very interesting, but families with children should enjoy it, read more...

Mount Bocksberg in the Harz MountainsRating: 6.00
A great destination for a weekend trip with children. An old cable car leads up to an altitude of 727 metres where, in addition to the restaurant, there is a large children's playground, a very good summer toboggan run, mountain bike tracks, a rope park and a slide for inflatable rings, read more...

GoettingenRating: 5.80

Göttingen is not a touristic city. This is a typical "German" with all standard cliches: station, old city, Market Square, ..., read more...

Steinhuder LakeRating: 5.80

30 km west from Hannover lies the largest lake in the north-west of Germany. Boats go from the town ..., read more...

RosstrappeRating: 5.80
Rosstrappe is a natural landmark, a 400 meter high granite mountain in the Bode Gorge. The views from it are not particularly picturesque, but the trail is interesting. Near the entrance to the trail there is a hotel and a restaurant, read more...

Ranzow castleRating: 5.80
A small castle on the island of Rügen. It stands in the middle of a golf course and hosts a hotel inside, read more...

Wuermsee in BurgwedelRating: 5.80
A lake with a walking trail and several art installations, read more...

UnteruhldingenRating: 5.80
We came here to see the museum of prehistoric pile dwellings (Pfahlbauten Unteruhldingen, https://www.pfahlbauten.de/), which looks quite interesting in photos, but during the coronavirus it was closed. So we just walked around the town, read more...

Vienenburg lakeRating: 5.80
The lake with a circular walkway, rose garden and restaurant. There is no beach. The lake is artificial, appeared in the 1970s on the site of a bankrupt gravel pit, read more...

Christmas Market at Oelber CastleRating: 5.80
A beautiful Christmas market in a 16th century castle. Olber Castle is private and normally the territory is not accessible to the public, but during a few weekends in December, it is open to the public, read more...

Lemwerder Lookout and Weser-Side-GalleryRating: 5.80
We discovered this observation tower by chance. It is located in the middle of an industrial area and the only normal view is of the Weser River. However, the exact same panorama can be seen from the shore, read more...

Ralswiek palace (Schloss Ralswiek)Rating: 5.60
Palace Hotel on the island of Rügen, built in 1894-1896 years. The park was laid out much earlier in 1810 and was expanded after the construction of the palace, read more...

Spyker castleRating: 5.60
A small castle, the oldest non-religious building on the island of Rügen. A distinctive feature is the unusual for Germany wall color, read more...

Wildcat Village in Huetscheroda (Wildkatzendorf Huetscheroda)Rating: 5.60
In the very center of Germany there is a village of wild cats. It is very small, 20 by 20 meters, so a visit will not take you much time. If you are traveling by car, we recommend to visit this place, read more...

Beach in Timmendorf (Timmendorfer Strand)Rating: 5.60
A large beach in the town of the same name, which is called Timmendorfer Strand or Beach in Timmendorf. The town is a popular resort and in the summer is as crowded as can be. We visited it in the middle of the season to see the German Baltic beach resort, read more...

World Forest in the Harz Mountains (WeltWald)Rating: 5.60
In the Harz Mountains there is an interesting place where plants from all over the world are planted. In 1975, 113,000 plants from the temperate climatic zone were planted here, read more...

Memorial to the victims of the Lake Constance mid-air collisionRating: 5.60
In the forest near Überlingen there is an unusual memorial in the form of huge metal balls. It is dedicated to the plane crash over Lake Constance, in which 70 people died, most of them children, read more...

Everstein Castle RuinsRating: 5.40

Everstein Castle ruins are located in the town of Polle on the high banks of the Weser river. The first mention ..., read more...

Koenigshuette waterfallRating: 5.40
The waterfall was artificially created in 1994 on the site of the old quarry. There is a recreation area in front of the waterfall, read more...

Radau waterfallRating: 5.40
A beautiful waterfall located right next to one of the main trails in the Harz Mountains. There is a restaurant and a small rest area near the waterfall, read more...

Ulenburg CastleRating: 5.40
The sandstone castle in the Weser Renaissance style was built on the site of a former farm between 1568 and 1570. In 1902 - 1912 the complex was extended and, in particular, the garden area was modified. A date of 1299 hangs above the entrance to the castle, but it is erroneous, read more...

Plesse CastleRating: 5.20
If you traveled by train or car between Hannover and Göttingen, you most likely saw a tall white tower on ..., read more...

Raesfeld castleRating: 5.20
Rasfeld Castle is another typical representative of the water castles in North Rhine-Westphalia. It was built in the Renaissance style in 1643-1658 years. The 52-meter main tower is the tallest among the castles of the region, read more...

Christmas market at the palace in BueckeburgRating: 5.20
From late November to early December, Bückeburg Palace hosts a Christmas market. Check the official website for the exact schedule, the tickets is better to buy online. The market is large and beautiful, but is overcrowded due to the short period, read more...

Sottrum Family ParkRating: 5.20
This is not an amusement park with rides, but a park with various sculptures and installations geared towards young children. Our three-year-old daughter found it interesting, read more...

Prora giant holiday home on the island of RuegenRating: 4.80
The unique project of the Third Reich. The hotel building, designed for 20 thousand tourists, read more...

Brandenburg castle ruinsRating: 4.80
Double castle on the hill in Thuringia. The towers that you see in the photo belong to different castles. This architecture is not accidental, a double castle has a much greater defensive potential, read more...

Annaturm TowerRating: 4.80
Annaturm Tower stands at the highest point of Mount Bröhn (405 m), which is part of the Deister Massif. The construction was initiated in 1820 by one of the greatest mathematicians in history, Friedrich Gauss. From the top of the tower, he performed trigonometric measurements, read more...

Maglev Test Track (Emsland Transrapid Test Facility)Rating: 4.80
An unusual and tragic place that you can see if you are on the way. Perhaps everyone heard about magnetic levitation trains (maglev), they were developed in many countries. But there is only one commercial line so far, we used it from Shanghai Airport to the city. The train there accelerates to 420 km/h, read more...

Volkmarsen ruins (Kugelsburg Volkmarsen)Rating: 4.40
The ruins of a small castle that was built in 1200 and was destroyed during the Seven Years War (1756-1763). It only makes sense to visit by car, visit time no more than 20 minutes. You can climb the tower and see the surroundings, read more...

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