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Other interesting places or events - Germany
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Open-air inhalatorium in Bad SalzuflenRating: 7.60
A resort in Germany with thermal mineral waters. It's a standard spa town, but on Google Maps we noticed an unusual object right in the center and decided to visit it, read more...

Hinueberscher Garten in HannoverRating: 7.60
A little known and rather well hidden park, on the outskirts of Hanover. One of the first landscape gardens in Germany, read more...

KoepenickRating: 7.60
At the moment Köpenick is a district of Berlin, although geographically it is quite far from the center, does not have a normal S-Bahn or U-Bahn transport connection and therefore more resembles a suburb, read more...

Berlin Tempelhof AirportRating: 7.60
If you look at Berlin from satellite, a huge green spot immediately catches your eye. This is Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, which operated from 1923 to 2008, read more...

Bad Zwischenahn and Park of GardensRating: 7.60
The resort is located on the shores of the lake of the same name (Zwischenahner Meer). The lake is interesting, it was formed by the failure of salt deposits located at a depth of 300 meters, read more...

Playground AVENTURA - Der SpielBergRating: 7.60
Huge playground of 13000 square metres, one of the best playgrounds in Germany at the moment. It is located in a picturesque location on the mountainside near the family recreation centre Center Parcs Park Hochsauerland. Entrance to the playground is free, read more...

Gristede Rhododendron ParkRating: 7.60
A large botanical garden known primarily for its rhododendron blooms. A collection has been established since the 1950s, and the park now has more than 1,000 species and varieties of rhododendrons and street azaleas, read more...

Hobbie Rhododendron ParkRating: 7.60
A large park, or rather forest, famous for rhododendron blooms. This nursery, with 80 years of experience, is said to be the largest rhododendron park in Germany, read more...

Hann. MuendenRating: 7.40

We decided to visit Hann. Münden after we had found the town on Google Maps. It looks amazing from above. ..., read more...

Evenburg Castle in LeerRating: 7.40

There are several interesting sights in the town of Leer in northern Germany. The most notable of them is the ..., read more...

Mulheim an der RuhrRating: 7.40
Mülheim(Ruhr) is a city in the largest metropolitan area in Germany. The division into cities here is purely conditional, as ..., read more...

Wildlife Park in SpringeRating: 7.40
A little-known wildlife park is located in the forest near the small town of Springe (Lower Saxony). This is a ..., read more...

Gemen castleRating: 7.40
Gemen castle was built in 1411 on the site of a castle of the 11th century, by one of the richest people in Westphalia. It is located in the middle of the lake, on two islands. At the moment there is a children's training center in the castle, so the castle has the second name "youth castle", read more...

Hubertusburg palaceRating: 7.40
Hubersburg palace (castle) was built in 1721 by Prince Frederick Augustus. It became famous in 1763 after signing the Hubertusburg Peace Treaty, which stopped the seven-year war between Austria, Prussia and Saxony, read more...

Burgk castleRating: 7.40
Was built in 1403 and belonged to the noble family of Reuss. The castle is located in a picturesque place, on the banks of the river Saale, read more...

Wolfsburg Castle and ParkRating: 7.40
In addition to Automotive City, there is a pretty good park with a castle in Wolfsburg, read more...

Ulrichshusen castleRating: 7.40
Romantic castle on the shore of the lake of the same name in the heart of the national park of Mecklenburg Switzerland, read more...

Serengeti Safari ParkRating: 7.40
Family safari park in northern Germany in Lower Saxony. You can visit it, both on the park bus, and on your car. The latter option is much more interesting, read more...

StralsundRating: 7.40
The city of Stralsund on the shores of the Baltic Sea is the gateway to the island of Rügen, here located two 3-kilometer bridges. The historic center in the style of brick Gothic was partially destroyed during World War II, but was restored and is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List, read more...

Ahrensburg CastleRating: 7.40
A snow-white square-shaped castle located in a small town of the same name, not far from Hamburg. There is a well-kept English-style park around the castle, read more...

Brake castleRating: 7.40
Weser Renaissance castle in the city of Lemgo. A distinctive feature is the seven-story tower, read more...

Mosigkau palace and park (Schloss Mosigkau)Rating: 7.40
The palace was built in rococo style in 1752-1757 as the summer residence of Princess Anna Wilhelmina of Anhalt-Dessau. Included ..., read more...

Luisium parkRating: 7.40
The Luisium palace and gardens were created between 1774 and 1778 as a gift to Princess Louise von Brandenburg-Schwedt, wife ..., read more...

LauenburgRating: 7.40
An excellent example of a North German town. In the pictures on the Internet it looks like a fairy-tale town on the river, and that's true, read more...

Heather blossoms on the Misselhorner HeideRating: 7.40
One of the places in the Lüneburg heath, where in August-September, you can see beautiful heather blossoms, read more...

Wurmberg in the Harz mountainsRating: 7.40
A great place for a family day-off, the mountain about 1 km high, the highest in Lower Saxony. You can reach the top by cable car (https://www.wurmberg-seilbahn.de/), read more...

KarlsruheRating: 7.20

Karlsruhe is a scientific and industrial center and the second largest river port in Germany. The city is young; according ..., read more...

RintelnRating: 7.20

Rinteln is a small town with half-timbered houses in the Weser Renaissance style. The town is known because of the ..., read more...

ErfurtRating: 7.20

Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia, city with 1270 years of history. Due to the excellent location, at the crossroads ..., read more...

PirnaRating: 7.20
Pirna is a small old town on the banks of Elbe. It is located between Dresden and Saxon Switzerland National ..., read more...

WiesbadenRating: 7.20
Wiesbaden is the capital of Hesse, although it is not the biggest city in the region. All places of interest ..., read more...

LuneburgRating: 7.20
Lüneburg is a small Hanseatic city in Lower Saxony. The city was a salt trader and important economic center because of its geographic location near Lubeck. As you know, salt used to be very important and expensive in former times as it was used in many processes, in particular, allowed long-term storage of food. Therefore, cities with salt had a good income, read more...

Luneburg HeathRating: 7.20
Lüneburg Heath is not a desert as it may seem from the title. It's a huge park. Until 1800 the entire north of Germany was full of such empty spaces, but now only this place remains. Here grows mostly heather, meadow flowers and juniper, read more...

Port village Rheinsberg (Hafendorf Rheinsberg)Rating: 7.20
A large hotel complex, built in 2007 in the forest, in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau, read more...

Flechtingen water castleRating: 7.20
The picturesque castle on the shore of the pond, surrounded on all sides by water, read more...

Goseck circle and Goseck castle (Schloss Goseck)Rating: 7.20
The Goseck Circle is one of the oldest solar observatories in the world. Good place for outdoor walking, especially with children, read more...

Kalkhorst CastleRating: 7.20
The castle stands on the territory of the feudal estate, founded in the 14th century. The modern, neo-Gothic building was built in the years 1853-1874. The general design of the estate was created by the architect Conrad Wilhelm Hase, known for many buildings, for example, the best castle in Lower Saxony - Marienburg, read more...

Maximilianpark in HammRating: 7.20
I dont know if there is such statistics, but the North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany is the unequivocal leader in the remediation of lands that were previously used for mining or for factories. In almost every city here you can find parks or residential quarters created on the site of former factories, quarries or heaps, read more...

OldenburgRating: 7.20
Oldenburg is best known as the medieval residence of the dynasty of the same name. Until 1773, the Earl of Oldenburg was also the king of Denmark, which means the weight of the title was huge, read more...

EmdenRating: 7.20
Emden is the main city in the historic region of East Frisia. Like 300 years ago, it lives off the port, from where Volkswagen cars are dispatched all over the world. The city-forming factory is located in the port as well, read more...

Hopfen am SeeRating: 7.20
It's not a tourist spot, we found it by chance, on google maps. There were very beautiful pictures of mountains reflecting in the lake, read more...

Willy-Spahn-Park in HannoverRating: 7.20
Willy-Spahn Park is a good place to watch the spring blooms. The park was founded in 2004 on the site of an old marl quarry that had existed here since 1850. The central object is a restored and the only preserved in the region lime kiln, built in 1925, read more...

Christmas market in BremenRating: 7.20
Like every other major German city, Bremen hosts a traditional Christmas market. In 2020, its special feature was the colorful illumination of the buildings, which created a real festive atmosphere, read more...

Bad GandersheimRating: 7.20
A resort town in Germany. It has parks, a half-timbered old town and an animal enclosure, read more...

BielefeldRating: 7.20
We had heard about Bielefeld long before we visited it. The fact is that the city is a famous Internet meme in Germany. In 1994, some jokers started a rumor that Bielefeld, in fact, does not exist. The joke became so popular that even Angela Merkel used it. And the mayor's office offers a million euros to anyone who can prove that the city does not exist, read more...

Bad DriburgRating: 7.20
We stopped in the spa town of Bad Driburg for a walk in the Count's Park (Gräflicher Park). Usually such parks are called Spa Parks, but here it is named after the owners, read more...

Christmas market in Neustadt am RuebenbergeRating: 7.20
The Christmas market in Neustad is small, located on just one street. However, its distinctive feature is the colorful illumination of the buildings, read more...

Christmas market in BremerhavenRating: 7.20
Bremerhaven is located on the northern coast of Germany, and it is also a relatively new city. In this regard, the market has several features. First of all the there can be quite a cold wind due to nearby sea, which is a minus. Secondly there are not many people here, which is a plus, and thirdly there is quite a lot of free space. This can be either a plus or a minus, depending on how you prefer, read more...

WinterbergRating: 7.20
Winterberg or Winter Mountain is a popular ski resort, although there is plenty to do during other seasons. We came to the Adventure Mountain Kappe (Erlebnisberg Kappe) in April, when there was no more snow and little of tourists, read more...

OsnabrueckRating: 7.00

Like many cities in Germany, Osnabrück was completely destroyed during the war. The city is standard, with restored historic center, Market ..., read more...

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