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 Country of half-timbered houses, beer, and good infrastructure 
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Lower Saxony - Germany
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Haemelschenburg CastleRating: 7.00

Hämelschenburg Castle was built between 1588 and 1618. It belongs to the Weser Renaissance. Southern wing of the Italian Renaissance style ..., read more...

EinbeckRating: 7.00

Einbeck is an old Hanseatic city with half-timbered houses. Hanseatic means belonging to the trade union of free German cities. ..., read more...

Hardenberg Castle and PalaceRating: 7.00

The Hardenberg Castle and Hardenberg Palace are located close to each other and belong to the noble Hardenberg family.

,

Kronsberg District in HannoverRating: 7.00

During the preparation for the Expo 2000 in Hannover, one of the exhibits was a newly built residential area of future. All available knowledge in the field of ecological optimization of construction and communal services was used. Social aspects were considered as well, read more...

Etelsen palaceRating: 7.00

In the village of Etelsen stands a small and well-preserved palace built in 1885-1887 years by brothers Heimbruch for the ..., read more...

Carnival in HannoverRating: 7.00
Hanover Carnival is held since 1992. It lasts for several months, starting in November, and includes dozens of events, but this article is about the carnival procession, read more...

Bruche castleRating: 7.00
A small castle-palace of the first half of the 18th century. You can walk freely on the territory, although it ..., read more...

Bevern castleRating: 7.00
If you do not know how the buildings of the Renaissance look like, then you must visit the castle of Bevern. This is almost the most characteristic building in the whole of Germany, read more...

Schwoebber castleRating: 7.00
Luxurious five-star hotel, located in the castle of the 16th century. It was built by Hilmar von Münchhausen on the location of the old knightly fortress. By name, you can guess that it was the ancestor of the famous Baron Munchausen, read more...

LeerRating: 7.00
The most important trading city in East Frisia. At the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th centuries, it was also the political center of the region. East Frisia is a historical region which is now part of Lower Saxony, read more...

Jever Castle (Schlossmuseum Jever)Rating: 7.00
The castle was founded in the 14th century, at that time, as a fortress. And got a modern look in the 15-16 centuries.

It is curious that in 1793 the city was inherited by Empress Catherine II, so it moved to the Russian crown. Such situations were possible before the reunification of Germany, during the time of individual kingdoms and independent cities. Catherine received the city after the death of her brother, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst, read more...

Pilsum Lighthouse (Pilsumer Leuchtturm)Rating: 7.00
A colorful lighthouse on the shores of the North Sea, one of the symbols of East Frisia, a historical area in Germany. Сome here on a sunny day, the green grass cover and the blue sky will create the perfect colors. Though we arrived at sunset and the sceenery was also beautiful, read more...

Leaning Church of Suurhusen (Suurhuser Kirche)Rating: 7.00
Until 2010, the tower of the church in Suurhusen was the most falling tower in the world. After that, the title passed to the Capital Gate tower in Abu Dhabi. At the moment, the tower slope is 5.19° and this is a degree more than the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, read more...

Benther Berg viewpointRating: 7.00
If you want to take a little nature walk and take pictures of the Hanover Skyline, you can do it on the mountain Benter Berg, read more...

Park in GieboldehausenRating: 7.00
In the village of Gieboldehausen there is a small park with a single half-timbered house. The house is very beautiful and is therefore has a separate article, read more...

Alley of rhododendrons of Hagenburg CastleRating: 7.00
A beautiful alley of rhododendrons in the middle of the forest. It belongs to a private castle, but you can walk freely. The castle itself can be seen through the fence. Don't forget that rhododendrons bloom in May, and don't forget the mosquito spray, read more...

Water bridges in HannoverRating: 7.00
Due to the construction of a network of navigable canals, water bridges began to appear in Germany. We have already visited similar structures in Magdeburg and Minden, and now we found bridges in Hannover as well, read more...

Neustadt am RuebenbergeRating: 7.00
A small town near Hanover. Here you can find the castle, the park near it, and a small old town, read more...

Northeim, the town with the funny theaterRating: 7.00
An old town with a preserved old centre. Northheim was first mentioned at the end of the 8th century, but the first mention as a "town" was in 1204, read more...

Ippenburg CastleRating: 6.80

Ippenburg Castle is 600-year-old ancestral home of a noble family Bussche-Ippenburg. The descendants live there today, the castle is ..., read more...

Bad EssenRating: 6.80

Bad Essen is not included in touristic guides, and it's quite logical: there are no important attractions in the town. ..., read more...

BraunschweigRating: 6.80
Braunschweig is the second largest city in Lower Saxony. Until November 1918 it was the capital of the Duchy of ..., read more...

Bodenwerder, the Town of Baron MunchausenRating: 6.80

Title Bodenwerder is not as known as the name of its most famous resident - Baron Karl Friedrich Hieronymus von ..., read more...

Bad NenndorfRating: 6.80

Bad Nenndorf is a small town near Hanover. We visited it because of the prefix Bad (spa town), which have about 50 towns in Germany. Healing properties of local sulfur water were discovered in 1546 and in the middle of the 18th century first resort was built on the site, read more...

SalzgitterRating: 6.80
Salzgitter, one of the cities in Germany with a special administrative structure. It consists of many separate towns, so you just can't find the city of Salzgitter on the map, read more...

Ippenburg Castle (Schloss Ippenburg)Rating: 6.80
Aristocratic residence in the neo-Gothic style, built on the site of older, ruined estates, in 1862 - 1867. Belongs to the von dem Bussche-Ippenburg family for over 600 years. The castle and the park are known as a place of annual garden festivals, read more...

Wilhelmstein Island on Lake SteinhudeRating: 6.80
In the middle of Lake Steinhude, there is a small artificial island built by Count Wilhelm Schaumburg-Lippe in 1761, read more...

Park in LuetetsburgRating: 6.60

In a small town of Lütetsburg in northern Germany lies a beautiful old park. It was founded by Baron Edzard Mauritz ..., read more...

Wienhausen AbbeyRating: 6.60

In the small town of Wienhausen there is an abbey (monastery) founded in 1230 by Agnes von Landsberg, daughter-in-law of Henry ..., read more...

Castle in StadthagenRating: 6.60

Stadthagen is a small town near Hannover. It belongs to the towns of Weser Renaissance, mainly because of an ancient ..., read more...

Winsen (Luhe)Rating: 6.60
Winsen is a town near Hamburg with a small old center. You can stop by to see the 700-year-old castle ..., read more...

Iburg CastleRating: 6.60
Iburg Castle is a former abbey where prince-bishops of Osnabrück lived for 600 years. There is small garden near the castle designed by Martin Charbonnier, better known for the Royal Gardens in Hanover. Gardens in Hanover, by the way, was ordered by Princess Sophia, who was born and grew up in this castle and later became the first Prussian Queen. And her brother George I, who also spent all his childhood in this castle, in 1714 became king of the Great Britain and Nothern Island, read more...

Otter center (Otter-Zentrum)Rating: 6.60
In 1979, an otter research project was launched in the Harz Mountains. It lasted until 1986 and then it was decided to open a full-fledged nursery, which was done in 1988 in the town of Hankensbüttel, read more...

GreetsielRating: 6.60
A small fishing village in East Frisia on the shores of the Wadden Sea. Recently it has turned into a popular resort, mainly because of the historical center, which has been preserved in excellent condition. The village is a great base for cycling and hiking. We spent the night here to take a walk in the area and see the Pilsum lighthouse, read more...

Oder Reservoir (Oderteich)Rating: 6.60
The Oder Reservoir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with several neighboring sites. In summer you can swim in the reservoir, but we came in winter, as there is always snow. The circular trail is about about 4.5 km long, read more...

Dinosaur footprints in Obernkirchen (Dinosaurierfaehrten)Rating: 6.60
In 2007 and 2008, paleontologists from the State Museum of Lower Saxony in Hanover discovered dinosaur tracks in one of the sandstone quarries in Oberkirchen. The footprints were found in sandstone 6 to 9 meters thick, which here lies beneath younger layers, read more...

Dinopark near Lake Steinhude (Dinopark Münchehagen)Rating: 6.60
An open-air park-museum built around the Dinosaur Footprints of Münchehagen (Naturdenkmal Saurierfährten Münchehagen). The exhibits are mainly life-size models of dinosaurs, read more...

Rhododendron Festival in WesterstedeRating: 6.60
We came to Westerstede for the rhododendron festival. There are at least two other places with rhododendrons around the town, so we included them all in one trip, read more...

Train Station in UelzenRating: 6.40

If you are traveling from Hamburg to Hannover or back, you will definetely visit Uelzen with its unusual ..., read more...

Oderstausee ReservoirRating: 6.40
Reservoir in the mountains of the Harz. The dam was built in 1934 to protect against floods and to producе electricity. You can park near the dam and walk along it, read more...

Oker reservoirRating: 6.40
Reservoir in the mountains of the Harz. The dam was built in 1956 to protect against floods, regulate water levels and generate electricity. You can park near the dam and walk along it, there is also a restaurant, read more...

Water tree (Wasserbaum)Rating: 6.40
An absolutely unknown, but very unusual place. It is called the Water Tree and it has an interesting story, read more...

Huelsede Castle (Wasserschloss Huelsede)Rating: 6.40
The first building on this site was first mentioned in 1310. In the 16th century the castle was fortified with moats. In 1584, it passed into the hands of the Von Mengersen family, who reconstructed it in the Weser Renaissance style. Also farm buildings were attached, they still exist nowadays, read more...

Memorial To German Soldiers Near Bad EssenRating: 6.20

On the way to Bad Essen I found an interesting place in the forest: a memorial to German soldiers that ..., read more...

Ringelheim CastleRating: 6.20

Ringelheim Castle is a former monastery, founded in the tenth century. Around the castle there's an English style park with a ..., read more...

BuxtehudeRating: 6.20
Buxtehude is a small town in Lower Saxony. It is included in the national Fairy tales route thanks to the tale of William Schroeder "The Hare and the Hedgehog". It became widely known after Brothers Grimm included it into their tales, read more...

CuxhavenRating: 6.20
The city consists of two parts, one is a large port, the second is a seaside resort, read more...

Trail over the treetops in Bad Harzburg (Baumwipfelpfad)Rating: 6.20
In 2015, a new landmark opened in Bad Harzburg - the trail above the treetops. Such constructions are now opening across Europe, read more...

Wildlife Park in MuedenRating: 6.20
A small zoo designed for visits with children. A distinctive feature is the ability to buy food for 1 euro in the machine and feed some animals. There are also performances and feedings, read more...

Unusual observation deck Jahrtausendblick in an abandoned amusement parkRating: 6.20
Every time we drove along the A2 motorway between Hannover and Dortmund, we saw an unusual structure on the mountain. It turned out that a Steinzeichen amusement park had been built there for the EXPO 2000. However, the company that owned it went bankrupt, and the park gradually began to deteriorate, read more...

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