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 Country of half-timbered houses, beer, and good infrastructure 
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Saxony-Anhalt - Germany

Green Citadel of MagdeburgRating: 8.40

In 2005, in Magdeburg the Green Citadel of Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser was completed. We already visited some of his buildings, so couldn't miss this one. I won't be surprised if many tourists find it the most interesting place in the city, read more...

Autumn stroll in the city park of MagdeburgRating: 8.40
We visited Magdeburg in the fall to take a stroll in the city park Rotehorn (Stadtpark Rotehorn). The park is located on an island on the Elbe River, right in the middle of the city. You can either walk there by the old railway bridge or drive by car, read more...

Castle and park in MerseburgRating: 8.40
We stopped in Merseburg on the way and spent the night at the local Radisson (booking.com). Right next to the hotel there is a rather large and beautiful castle-palace, as well as a park. That's why we chose the town, since it's quiet and we had fun walking around, read more...

Devil's wall (Teufelsmauer)Rating: 8.20
Devil's Wall is a rock formation made of sandstone, formed in the late Cretaceous period, more than 70 million years ago. Despite the fact that this place is a national reserve since 1935, it is little known. The rocks here are interesting as they located in the middle of the fields, read more...

WernigerodeRating: 8.00

Idea to visit Wernigerode came to us after watching the Soviet movie "The Very Same Munchhausen" (1979). This is ..., read more...

Hundisburg castleRating: 8.00
Luxury Baroque castle-palace,

Park in WoerlitzRating: 8.00
The Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz (Gartenreich) is a fairly large park complex in Saxony-Anhalt, a UNESCO cultural heritage site. It includes about a dozen different palaces and parks around the city of Dessau-Roßlau. This article is about the pearl of the complex - a park in the town of Wörlitz , read more...

Oranienbaum Palace and Park (Schloss Oranienbaum)Rating: 8.00
Palace and park ensemble of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as part of the Park Kingdom of Dessau-Vörlitz, read more...

QuedlinburgRating: 7.80

Quedlinburg is called the reserve of German Fachwerk (half-timbered architecture). There are more then 1,300 half-timbered houses in the town, and this is the largest number in Germany. The town was lucky to escape the bombing during the World War II . The oldest house in East Germany dates back to the first half of the 14th century, read more...

MagdeburgRating: 7.80

Everybody heard about Magdeburg, even those who don't know in which country it is. First of all, because of the Magdeburg Law, autonomy that was obtained by individual cities and that was named in honor of the laws formed in Magdeburg in the 13th century, read more...

Mosigkau palace and park (Schloss Mosigkau)Rating: 7.40
The palace was built in rococo style in 1752-1757 as the summer residence of Princess Anna Wilhelmina of Anhalt-Dessau. Included ..., read more...

Luisium parkRating: 7.40
The Luisium palace and gardens were created between 1774 and 1778 as a gift to Princess Louise von Brandenburg-Schwedt, wife ..., read more...

Brocken mountain in HarzRating: 7.20
Broken Mountain is the highest point of the Harz massif and northern Germany (1141 m). It is impossible to get to the top by car. You can come on foot or by historical HSB train. The narrow-gauge railway has been operating since 1898, read more...

Suspension bridge Titan-RTRating: 7.20
In the spring of 2017, the world's longest Titan-RT suspension bridge was opened in the Harz mountains in Germany. Its total length is 483 meters, suspended - 453 meters. The bridge is used only as an attraction and does not have any practical purpose, read more...

Goseck circle and Goseck castle (Schloss Goseck)Rating: 7.20
The Goseck Circle is one of the oldest solar observatories in the world. Good place for outdoor walking, especially with children, read more...

Querfurt CastleRating: 7.00
Querfurt is a large medieval castle, since the 15th century it is surrounded by fortress walls and has repeatedly participated in the battles of the Thirty Years War, read more...

Christmas market in MagdeburgRating: 7.00
In 2020, at the time of the coronavirus, there was no centralized Christmas market in Magdeburg. The facilities were scattered throughout the center, which was festively decorated. We found the most illumination on Cathedral Square (Domplatz), read more...

Hexentanzplatz in the Harz mountainsRating: 7.00
One of the places with a comprehensive set of attractions, and one of the best places in Northern Germany to visit in the fall, read more...

Castle WesterburgRating: 6.80
The oldest water castle in Germany,

Dragon in Magdeburg (Bruecke Lindwurm)Rating: 6.80
In 2005, for the 1200th anniversary of the city of Magdeburg, a dragon sculpture appeared on one of the pedestrian bridges, read more...

HalleRating: 6.60

Halle is one of those cities that are not small by the standards of Germany, but is still considered as ..., read more...

Magdeburg Water BridgeRating: 6.60
The longest water bridge in the world (as of 2019), 918 meters long. Such bridges appear because of the construction of water channels, which sometimes pass at a different height than the rivers, read more...

The Wild West-style town of Pullman City in the Harz MountainsRating: 6.60
In 2000, a Wild West-style town opened in the Hartz Mountains. "Megapolis" of the 19th century offers a wide range of entertainment with shows that change every hour. Just be aware that the shows are completely non-violent, there is no shooting or glorification of violence, read more...

BlankenburgRating: 6.40

Blankenburg is a tourist town near the Harz mountains in eastern Germany. It is located 10 kilometers from Wernigerode, ..., read more...

Falkenstein Castle in HarzRating: 6.20
Falkenstein Castle in the Harz mountains was built between 1120 and 1150 years. It did not take part in the battles and was used as a living house for local counts. At the moment it houses a small museum and is used as a venue for weddings and various events, read more...

BallenstedtRating: 6.20
We came to Ballenstedt to see the castle and the park around it in the late Baroque style, an example of garden art of the 18th - 19th centuries, read more...

Gegenstein Rocks near BallenstedtRating: 6.20
The rocks near the town of Ballenstedt on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains. There are two of them: Großer Gegenstein and Kleiner Gegenstein ("Big Gegenstein" and "Little Gegenstein"), read more...

Georgium ParkRating: 6.00
In 1780 Prince Johann Georg (1748-1811), the younger brother of the reigning Prince Leopold III (Anhalt-Dessau), began laying out his large landscape garden northwest of Dessau, read more...

RosstrappeRating: 5.80
Rosstrappe is a natural landmark, a 400 meter high granite mountain in the Bode Gorge. The views from it are not particularly picturesque, but the trail is interesting. Near the entrance to the trail there is a hotel and a restaurant, read more...

Koenigshuette waterfallRating: 5.40
The waterfall was artificially created in 1994 on the site of the old quarry. There is a recreation area in front of the waterfall, read more...

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