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unusual buildings
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Roof of the NEMO Museum, NetherlandsRating: 9.20
NEMO is an interactive science museum for children and adults. There are similar ones in many large cities. We were interested in its roof with a huge viewing terrace which offers picturesque views of Amsterdam, read more...

Batumi, GeorgiaRating: 8.60

It's not easy to describe Batumi at the moment, because the city has changed in recent years. Now it looks ..., read more...

Benidorm, SpainRating: 8.60

Benidorm is a Spanish touristic phenomenon, very unusual city for Spain. Its main feature is a huge number of skyscrapers. ..., read more...

Ronald McDonald House in Essen, GermanyRating: 8.60

In Essen Grugapark you can find a very unusual building of Austrian architect Hundertwasser. The building is called House of ..., read more...

Burj Khalifa, UAERating: 8.40

Burj Khalifa is the symbol of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The building with the height of 828 meters ..., read more...

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, SingaporeRating: 8.40

Artificial gardens in Singapore (Gardens by the Bay) is one of the newest and most unusual attractions. The park was ..., read more...

Green Citadel of Magdeburg, GermanyRating: 8.40

In 2005, in Magdeburg the Green Citadel of Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser was completed. We already visited some of his buildings, so couldn't miss this one. I won't be surprised if many tourists find it the most interesting place in the city, read more...

Manufaktura - Outlet Village near Kyiv, UkraineRating: 8.20

In 2013, an unusual outlet village appeared near Kyiv. Its main feature are streets, canals, bridges and houses built ..., read more...

Svaneti, GeorgiaRating: 8.00

Nowhere in Georgia have we ever seen such a large number of foreign tourists as in Mestia, the administrative center ..., read more...

Pont du Gard - the highest preserved Roman aqueduct, FranceRating: 8.00
The highest preserved Roman aqueduct is located on the Gardon River in the south of France. It is part of the water pipe from Uzes to Nimes, which began to be built in the 1st century AD. Along with the aqueduct in Segovia, it is the most preserved one, read more...

Verger Tower, SpainRating: 8.00
The Verger Tower is one of the medieval towers in Mallorca used to observe pirates. Built in 1579, read more...

Fairytale castle near Kiev, UkraineRating: 8.00

If you go to Kiev along the Zhitomir highway, a fairytale castle is visible on the right side, about 700 ..., read more...

Breakfast in a bunker in Hamburg, GermanyRating: 8.00
A dilapidated World War II bunker has now been turned into a so-called Energy Bunker. Inside there are installations for the production of electricity and heat using solar energy, biomethane and a wood burning system, read more...

Inguri Dam, GeorgiaRating: 7.80

On the way to Svaneti, you will definitely pass the Inguri Dam. Make a little detour and visit this ..., read more...

Laerdal Tunnel, NorwayRating: 7.80

The Laerdal tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world, its length is 24.5 kilometers. The construction lasted from ..., read more...

Eagle's Nest (Kehlsteinhaus, Hitler's House), GermanyRating: 7.80

There's a small house built at an altitude of 1,834 meters in the Alps near the Koenigssee lake. Its ..., read more...

Forest Spiral House in Darmstadt, GermanyRating: 7.80

There is an interesting house in the city of Darmstadt, which was designed by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The house shows that people should live in harmony with nature even in cities, read more...

Westerheversand Lighthouse, GermanyRating: 7.80
The Westerheversand Lighthouse, built in 1908, is the most famous lighthouse in Germany and a symbol of the north of the country. Stands in the middle of the fields with absolutely nothing for a few kilometers around. Two identical houses are built near the lighthouse, in one of them there is a local registry office. The place is very unusual and worth a visit, read more...

Yuzhnoukrainsk, UkraineRating: 7.80

Yuzhnoukrainsk is a young city, which was built as a satellite of South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. This power plant ..., read more...

The great Wall of China (Jinshanling), ChinaRating: 7.60
Great Wall is the most famous tourist destination in China, you cannot miss it. Recently you can often find the ..., read more...

Moray, PeruRating: 7.60
Moray is the Inca ruins with a pretty unusual shape. Here are preserved circular agricultural terraces with an irrigation system. ..., read more...

Equator in Ecuador, EcuadorRating: 7.60

On our planet, there are not many places through which passes the equator. Despite the fact that its length is ..., read more...

Tiger and Turtle - The Magic Mountain in Duisburg, GermanyRating: 7.60
"Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain" is an unusual attraction which was created in 2011 in the German Duisburg. The construction, reminiscent of roller coaster, built on top of the old slag heap. It does not carry any practical purpose and used for entertainment and as an observation deck. In the evening the art object is highlighted, read more...

Marmore Waterfall, ItalyRating: 7.40

Marmore Falls is the tallest man-made waterfall in the world. Its total height is 165 meters and it was built ..., read more...

Huge mural on the Piney dam, FranceRating: 7.40
There are few interesting dams in the La Valla-en-Gier municipality. We visited the most unknown, but at the same time the most unusual. There is no information about this dam on the internet, so this article will be useful for travelers, read more...

Quinta da Regaleira, PortugalRating: 7.20
Quinta da Regaleira it is the only big attraction of Sintra, which is not included in the National Park of ..., read more...

Scharnebeck twin ship lift, GermanyRating: 7.20
One of the most unusual structures in Germany is located in Scharnebeck. The lift for river ships was built in 1974 and it is the world's largest double lift (in 2016, China built a single lift, about 2.5 times bigger than this one, video), read more...

Trahtemirivski peninsula, UkraineRating: 7.20

Trahtemirivski peninsula is a nice place on the banks of the Dnieper. Its territory of the State Historical and Cultural ..., read more...

Goseck circle and Goseck castle (Schloss Goseck), GermanyRating: 7.20
The Goseck Circle is one of the oldest solar observatories in the world. Good place for outdoor walking, especially with children, read more...

Treetop Walk Bachledka, SlovakiaRating: 7.00
A relatively new attraction in the Tatras. Such viewing platforms are now appearing in many European countries. Their distinctive feature is a gentle ascent, which is suitable for people with limited mobility, read more...

Hirtshals Lighthouse, DenmarkRating: 7.00
If you are traveling by ferry Denmark - Norway from the town of Hirtshals, then do not miss the opportunity to see the old beautiful lighthouse, read more...

The Blue House in Lanzarote, SpainRating: 7.00
An unusual house with a tragic history. At the beginning of the 20th century, Don Juan de Leon Perdomo emigrated to South America, where he became rich in the wheat trade. He married Juana Alemán and they had a daughter, Juanita. Unfortunately, as a child she became ill with tuberculosis and doctors advised her to move to a place with clean air. Don Juan decided to return to his native village of Arrieta, where in 1916 he built a house, a replica of his daughter's toy house. The family lived in it for five years, but then the daughter died, read more...

Tetrahedron in Bottrop, GermanyRating: 7.00
In 1995 the Beckstrasse slag heap in Bottrop was transformed into a landscape park. At its top, a gigantic construction (weighing 210 tons) in the form of a tetrahedron was installed. The structure serves as a viewing platform, read more...

Walhalla memorial, GermanyRating: 7.00
Hall of Fame for prominent Germans, which is located in a picturesque place on a mountain near the Danube river, read more...

Werwolf (Wehrmacht HQ), UkraineRating: 7.00

In 2011, Historical and Memorial Complex in memory of victims of fascism was founded on the site of the former ..., read more...

Lighthouse Rubjerg Knude, DenmarkRating: 6.80
Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is one of the most interesting sights of Northern Jutland and Denmark. It is interesting primarily because the lighthouse disappears, read more...

Kyffhauser Monument, GermanyRating: 6.80
After Napoleon captured Germany and made political fragmentation, the public was looking for characters and events that could personalize the idea of ​​national unity and greatness of the German nation. Therefore, from the beginning of the 19th century giant monuments began to appear in different places in Germany, read more...

Sedniv, UkraineRating: 6.80

Sedniv is a small village in the Chernihiv region. It has several interesting sites. In the center there is a ..., read more...

Caravanserai in Sutanhani, TurkeyRating: 6.60

Presently, Sultanhanı is not on one of the main highways of Turkey. But it was one of the most important ..., read more...

Cave of Jameos del Agua, SpainRating: 6.60
Another unique object built by the architect Cesar Manrique on the island of Lanzarote. This time he designed a tourist and cultural center in a network of lava caves. As always, with minimal interference with nature, read more...

Arndt Ernst Moritz Tower, GermanyRating: 6.60
The highest point of the island of Rügen. The tower was built from 1869 to 1877 in honor of the German poet Ernst Moritz Arndt, who devoted his works to the beauty of the island, read more...

Kuchlbauer Tower, GermanyRating: 6.60
Tower of the Austrian architect Hundertwasser in the town of Abensberg, read more...

Plompe Tower (Plompe Toren), NetherlandsRating: 6.40
The Plompe Tower is all that remains from the village of Koudekerke, which once existed at this place, read more...

Salt terraces of Maras, PeruRating: 6.40
Since pre-Inca times, salt has been obtained in Maras by evaporating salty water from a local subterranean stream. Salinas de ..., read more...

Nazca Lines, PeruRating: 6.40
Nazca lines (geoglyphs) is one of the most unusual places in the world. They were  first seen by the passengers ..., read more...

Train Station in Uelzen, GermanyRating: 6.40

If you are traveling from Hamburg to Hannover or back, you will definetely visit Uelzen with its unusual ..., read more...

Wulingyuan (Avatar mountains), ChinaRating: 6.20
Wulingyuan (武陵源) is the main natural attraction of China. Despite the difficult access, there are a lot of tourists here. ..., read more...

Eben-Ezer Tower (Musse du Silex), BelgiumRating: 6.20
In the Belgian forest, near the border with the Netherlands, there is an unusual structure. Like many similar constructions the tower was built by one person, read more...

Machu Picchu, PeruRating: 6.20
Machu Picchu is a major tourist destination in Peru and the most famous place in South-America. Visit here is associated ..., read more...

Horizon Observatory, GermanyRating: 6.20
In the process of reclamation of slag heaps of the Ruhr region, the largest of them was turned into a thematic, astronomical park. The central object of the park is the Horizon Observatory (Horizontobservatorium). The construction was built in 2008 at an altitude of 152 meters, read more...

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Hundisburg castle
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Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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