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The Zoological Garden in Hannover (Tiergarten), GermanyRating: 9.20
In addition to the gorgeous zoo, Hanover has another, little-known place with animals. Tiergarten was founded in 1678/79 by ..., read more...

Adventure Zoo in Hannover, GermanyRating: 8.80

Hannover zoo was founded in 1865 and currently holds more than 3,500 animals. The zoo is very unusual and I ..., read more...

Bremerhaven, GermanyRating: 8.40

City of Bremerhaven is a port of Bremen. Together they form a separate and the smallest land in Germany. City ..., read more...

Singapore Zoo, SingaporeRating: 8.20

We had heard about the Singapore zoo long before visiting it. It is considered to be one of the best ..., read more...

Park Amazonico in Tena, EcuadorRating: 8.20

There is an interesting park Amazonico in the center of city Tena, which is surrounded by rivers Rio Tena and ..., read more...

Wolfcenter in Doerverden, GermanyRating: 7.60
There are a lot of different private zoos and animal centers in Germany. One of them is located near Bremen, ..., read more...

The largest bird park in the world in Walsrode, GermanyRating: 7.60
Walsrode is a small town in Lower Saxony where located one of the two largest bird parks in the world ..., read more...

Wildlife Park in Springe, GermanyRating: 7.40
A little-known wildlife park is located in the forest near the small town of Springe (Lower Saxony). This is a ..., read more...

Zoo "12 months", UkraineRating: 7.00
In May 2015 a new zoo has opened near the village of Demidov, 30 kilometers from Kiev. We loved this zoo, ..., read more...

Loro Park on the Tenerife island, SpainRating: 6.80
Loro Park is the main zoo of the Canary Islands. TripAdvisor put it in the third place of the world ..., read more...

Palace and park in Obroshino, UkraineRating: 6.40

In the village of Obroshino located arboretum with a palace where rested catholic archbishops of Lviv. It was built in ..., read more...

Monkey Park, Tenerife, SpainRating: 6.20
In the southern part of the Tenerife, near the town of Los Cristianos, located a small private breeding center. Zoo ..., read more...

Mykolaiv Zoo, UkraineRating: 5.60

Mykolaiv zoo is considered to be one of the best zoos in Ukraine, but to us it looked not much ..., read more...

2019-10-14 12:16
Buky (Kyiv Region)
2019-10-14 12:15
Buky (Kyiv Region)
2019-10-14 12:08
Buky (Kyiv Region)
2019-09-09 11:54
Vikos Gorge and surroundings
2019-09-04 19:20
Gemen castle
Zhovkva - 10
Buky (Kyiv Region) - 1
Magdeburg - 10
Loro Park on the Tenerife island - 10
Trahtemirivski peninsula - 10
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