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Peloponnese - Greece

NafplioRating: 8.40
Nafplion is a small, cozy town on the coast of the Argolicos Gulf of the Aegean Sea. This is not a beach resort, but if you are traveling around Greece, be sure to stop here, at least for a day, read more...

MonemvasiaRating: 7.60
Monemvasia is one of the most unusual cities in the world, we have not seen anything like it. Even the geographical position of this place attracts thousands of tourists, read more...

Fortress Argos LarisaRating: 7.00
On a hill above the city of Argos there is a fortress from the 5th century B.C. It was rebuilt many times: by the Byzantines (X century), Latins (XIII century), Venetians (XV century) and Turks, therefore it contains architectural elements of the different eras. The territory is not guarded and is free to visit, read more...

Voidokilia beachRating: 7.00
Voidokilia beach is a true natural gem of Greece. It is difficult to access and therefore little known among tourists. Sandy dunes are located around the beach, which are rare on the Peloponnese peninsula, read more...

New fortress (Pylos)Rating: 6.80
The new fortress of Pylos or Niokastro stands on a hill near the city, on the seashore. It was built by the Turks in 1573 to protect the port, which was located in a huge natural bay, read more...

Ghost town and Mystra FortressRating: 6.80
Mystra is an abandoned medieval city, which was located on a hill a few kilometers from the capital of the state of Sparta. Despite the fact that the cities were close by, in time they were separated by a whole millennium, read more...

Venetian fortress MethoniRating: 6.80
Methoni is a small town on the southwest coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, best known for its great fortress. It was built by the Venetians, after they took away this area from the Crusaders in 1206. They made the town an important and large medieval center., read more...

Corinth CanalRating: 6.20
The Corinth Canal connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf. The canal was initially proposed in classical times even B.C. But at that time people did not know how to find out the water level on both sides of the canal. There were concerns that the water level in the Gulf of Corinth is higher than in the Saronic Gulf, read more...

Epidaurus TheaterRating: 6.20
The best preserved ancient theater. It was built between 340 and 330 years BC in the ancient Greek city of Epidaurus for the entertainment of nobles who were treated at the local asklepion (hospital), read more...

Fairytale Castle of AgriliRating: 5.60
On the coast of the Ionian Sea at the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese there is a rather unusual structure - the Fairy-tale castle of Agrili, read more...

SpartaRating: 5.20
Thanks to the Internet, computer games and cinema, Sparta is perhaps the most famous ancient state, read more...

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The most expensive real estate in the world at Cap Ferrat
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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