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Arrived in Stavanger for the weekend, the main goal is Preikestolen. We rented a car at Stavanger airport. The first night spent in Stavanger.

Stavanger ©Yuriy Buriak

The next day we walked in the city and on the ferry reached town of Tau, from where drove to Preikestolen Fjellstue hotel. The ascent to Preikestolen begins here and we started next morning.

©Yuriy Buriak


This time we came to Norway for three days. Visited the city of Alesund and climbed two mountains in the vicinity.

Alesund ©Yuriy Buriak

Sukkertoppen mountain

View of Alesund from Sukkertoppen mountain
View of Alesund from Sukkertoppen mountain ©Yuriy Buriak

Storhornet mountain

Johan Skytt stone
Johan Skytt stone ©Yuriy Buriak


I 've been to many countries, but the feeling of perfection came to me only in Norway. Therefore, the first word that I associate with Norway is not "north", "fjord " or "deer". This word is "utopia".

Why is Norway so perfect? The main reason I think are the Norwegians themselves, their boundless love for their country and monarchs. The Norwegians consider themselves the best nation in the world, and I can agree with them (although the population of the country is only 5 million people). These Nordic introverts will never leave a bunch of garbage in the woods, do not get nasty in public transport and allow foreigners to live in their country only after a long and tedious procedure. Clean environment is extremely important in Norway. Thanks to this attitude the entire country can be considered a unique ecological reserve with waterfalls, lakes, fjords, and glaciers. Norwegian scenery is really breathtaking!

Perhaps you're already interested in the mysterious word "fjord". It is a long and narrow bay surrounded by mountains, with the length of up to hundreds of kilometers. Fjords in Norway were formed due to glacier meltdown.

By the way, you can safely drink tap water in Norway. What you cannot safely drink is alcohol. Wine, spirits, and strong beer are sold only at Vinmonopolet, special shops that are owned entirely by the state and can be found only in big cities. Beer can be bought at supermarkets, but only at certain times of day. This can vary from place to place but by law is no later than 8:00 pm on weekdays and 6:00 pm on Saturdays and other days immediately preceeding public holidays.

Residents of other countries may find Norwegians naive, as they can safely leave valuable stuff in a public place without worrying that somebody can steal it. Perhaps that is why the Norwegians like children still believe in fairy-tale characters - trolls. For example, they have a tradition to build a stone "troll" and make a wish. At the same time, residents of Norway believe that trolls live exclusively underground, and the sunlight turns them to stone.

On the shores of the Oslo Fjord lay Oslo, the capital of Norway. The city is calm and comfortable, with the entire peninsula that is dedicated to museums. Here you can see the ancient Viking ships, the Kon-Tiki raft, and other famous ships.

Another remarkable city of Norway is Bergen, the birthplace of the talented composer Edvard Grieg. Like Rome, the city lay on seven hills. It rains in Bergen nearly all year round, but we were lucky and got a sunny day. Apart from visiting the estate of Edward Grieg, find the best fish market in the country, wander through the cozy streets of wooden houses, and take a funicular to one of the seven hills, which offers stunning views of the city.

Some interesting facts. Norway holds:
 - 1st place in terms of human development (2019), that is actually the most developed country in the world
 - 2nd place in terms of prices (2013). Controversial ranking... Norway, unfortunately, is one of the most expensive countries in the world, consider this when planning your trip.
 - 4rd highest GDP per capita (2018).
 - 7th place on the ease of doing business (2019)

Our 7-day route in Norway:

Our weekly route in Norway
Our weekly route in Norway ©Yuriy Buriak

Day 1

We arrived at Oslo and were walking around the city all day long.
Akershus Fortress and Oslo City Hall
Akershus Fortress and Oslo City Hall ©Yuriy Buriak

Aker Brygge district in Oslo
Aker Brygge district in Oslo ©Yuriy Buriak

Royal Palace in Oslo
Royal Palace in Oslo ©Yuriy Buriak

Vigeland Sculpture Park
Vigeland Sculpture Park ©Yuriy Buriak

Oslo Opera House
Oslo Opera House ©Yuriy Buriak

In the evening we went towards Bergen and stopped to spend the night at the Storefjell Resort Hotel, near the town of Gol. This is one of the best hotels for skiers in Norway.

Storefjell Resort Hotel
Storefjell Resort Hotel ©Yuriy Buriak

Day 2

We got up at 6 in the morning to admire the beautiful scenery around the hotel.

Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel
Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel ©Yuriy Buriak

Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel
Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel ©Yuriy Buriak

Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel
Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel ©Yuriy Buriak

Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel
Beautiful scenery around the Storefjell Resort Hotel ©Yuriy Buriak

Then we went in the direction of Bergen. In Torpo we saw a wooden church that had been built in 1192.

Wooden church in Torpo
Wooden church in Torpo ©wikipedia.org

After that we went further in the direction of the Eidfjord. Road #7 runs through the Hardangervidda plateau and several times we made photo stops.

Hardangervidda Plateau
Hardangervidda Plateau ©Yuriy Buriak

Dyranut point - troll
Dyranut point - troll ©Yuriy Buriak

The next stop was near the Vøringsfossen Waterfall.

Voringfossen Waterfall
Voringfossen Waterfall ©nasjonaleturistveger.no

Then we passed the Eidfjord and crossed the Hardangerfjord by ferry Brimnes - Bruravik. After that we went along the northern shore of the Hardangerfjord to Norheimsund. 

Hardangerfjord ©Yuriy Buriak

Right after that we visited the Steindalsfossen Waterfall.

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall
Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall ©Yuriy Buriak

We spent the night in Bergen.

Day 3

We walked all day long in Bergen.

Bryggen waterfront
Bryggen waterfront ©Yuriy Buriak

Rosenkrantz Tower (1270)
Rosenkrantz Tower (1270) ©Yuriy Buriak

Bergen ©Yuriy Buriak

View of Bergen from Mount Floyen
View of Bergen from Mount Floyen ©Yuriy Buriak

Bergen ©Yuriy Buriak

Day 4

We went in the direction of Leikanger and visited the Tvindefossen Waterfall on the way.

Tvindefossen Waterfall
Tvindefossen Waterfall ©Yuriy Buriak

Then we came to Gudvangen and took a ferry to Flam along the Naeroyfjord.

Cruise on the Sognefjord
Cruise on the Sognefjord ©Yuriy Buriak

Then we drove through the Laerdal Tunnel.

Laerdal tunnel
Laerdal tunnel ©Yuriy Buriak

And crossed the Sognefjord on the ferry Mannheller - Fodnes. We spent the night in Leikanger.

Day 5

The entire day was spent on the shores of the Sognefjord.

Sognefjord Hotel A/S
Sognefjord Hotel A/S ©Yuriy Buriak

Lighthouse near the Sognefjord Hotel A/S
Lighthouse near the Sognefjord Hotel A/S ©Yuriy Buriak

Kvinnafossen Waterfall
Kvinnafossen Waterfall ©Yuriy Buriak

Day 6

This day was the longest and most interesting. Early in the morning we drove to the Briksdal Glacier and visited the Boyabreen Glacier on the way.

Boyabreen Glacier
Boyabreen Glacier ©Yuriy Buriak

We drove through a very scenic Vatedalen Valley.

Vatedalen Valley
Vatedalen Valley ©Yuriy Buriak

Watched the panorama of the Nordfjord.

Viewpoint near Nordfjord
Viewpoint near Nordfjord ©Yuriy Buriak

Passed Olden and came to the Briksdal Glacier.

Briksdal Glacier
Briksdal Glacier ©Yuriy Buriak

Further, through Stryn we came to Hellesylt and took a ferry to Geiranger.

Geirangerfjord ©@

Climbed the scenic road to the Flydalsjuvet observation deck and then to Mount Dalsnibba.

At Mount Dalsnibba
At Mount Dalsnibba ©Yuriy Buriak

While escending from the mountain, we visited the picturesque Djupvatnet Lake.

Djupvatnet Lake
Djupvatnet Lake ©Yuriy Buriak

And stopped for the night in a historic hotel in Grotli.

Hotel Grotli Hoyfjellshotel
Hotel Grotli Hoyfjellshotel ©Yuriy Buriak

Day 7

In the morning we went in the direction of Lillehammer. The first stop was near the Polfossen Waterfall.

Polfossen Waterfall
Polfossen Waterfall ©Yuriy Buriak

Then we stopped near the old church in Lom.

Wooden church in Lom
Wooden church in Lom ©Yuriy Buriak

In Lillehammer we took a look at the Olympic trampoline and walked around the city.

Olympic trampolines in Lillehammer
Olympic trampolines in Lillehammer ©Yuriy Buriak

Next we went to Oslo along Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake.

Useful links:

http://www.visitnorway.com/ - tourist information. Best national touristic website of those that we have seen.
https://www.jenreviews.com/best-things-to-do-in-norway/ - 100 things to do in Norway
https://www.wideroe.no/en/tickets/explore-norway-ticket - Explore Norway avia ticket
https://www.nasjonaleturistveger.no/en/routes - Norway Scenic Routes
http://kart.gulesider.no - map of Norway
http://www.1881.no/Map/ - one more map
http://www.norgeibilder.no/ - satellite map
http://www.world-of-waterfalls.com/norway.html - waterfalls
http://www.webcamsinnorway.com/map/ - webcams
http://www.carwalks.com - hiking trails
http://www.ruteinfo.net/en/ - route planner, transport schedule
http://www.fjord1.no/eng - cruises and regular ferries
http://www.fjordnorway.com/ - links to information about all ferries in the country
http://www.directferries.co.uk/oslo_ferry.htm - ferries between Oslo and Britain, Denmark, Germany
http://www.fjordline.com/ - cruises from Bergen
http://www.nor-way.no/ - buses
https://www.nsb.no/ - railways
http://www.swebus.se/ - buses between Norway, Denmark, and Sweden
http://www.nettbuss.se/ - buses between Norway, Denmark, and Sweden
http://www.camping.no - camps
http://ut.no/kart - map of campsites
http://www.nasjonaleturistveger.no - photos and information about the national tourist infrastructure reconstruction program

Some movies that are related to Norway:

Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) - several key scenes were shot at Preikestolen (video).

The Snowman (2017) - the film is completely shot in Norway and shows different cities and beautiful places (video).

Frozen (2013) - the movie authors were inspired by Norwegian landscapes.

Trollhunter (2010) - mockumentary about a group of students who are searching for trolls.

Star Wars. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - episodes on the "ice planet" were shot in Norway.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) - train in a snowy landscape was shot on the  Hardangerjøkulen Glacier in Norway.

Thor (2011) - the blockbuster is entirely based on Norse mythology. The Lofoten Islands were used in the design of Asgard.

Tail (2012) - Norwegian movie about huldre, a creature from Norwegian folklore that lives in forests and mountains, and usually takes the form of an attractive woman with a tail.

Flight of the Navigator (1986) - one of the best children's fantasy movies of the 80s was shot partly in Norway.

Ransom (1974) - movie with Sean Connery, was shot in Norway. The plot concerns a group of terrorists who try and extract a large sum of money from two governments.

Cold Prey (2006) - a modern Norwegian horror movie, with lots of beautiful winter scenery.

Insomnia (1997) - Norwegian detective thriller.

Conductor (1987) - a historical movie based on an old Sami legend, was nominated for an Oscar.

Dead Snow (2009) - Norwegian horror about zombie Nazis. Sounds terrible, but the movie shows beautiful scenery :)

Comments (Total: 6)

2016-09-13 16:15 # 1 SK Artinfo
Визы и перелет
Страна является членом Евросоюза поэтому, приобретая туры в Норвегию из Москвы, позаботьтесь о наличии шенгенской визы в ваших документах. Добраться до столицы северного государства довольно просто благодаря ежедневно курирующим самолетам Аэрофлота и SAS http://kind-world.ru/tury-v-norvegiyu.html

2018-04-28 13:53 # 2 Константин
Спасибо за информацию

2018-05-18 19:58 # 3 Інкогніто
В яку пору року була тижнева подорож? Потрібно визначитися з одягом на червень

2018-05-22 00:05 # 4 Юрій Буряк
2 Інкогніто
Тижнева була у серпні. Якщо їдете у червні, то зауважте, що в першій половині місяця не всі цікаві природні місця можна буде відвідати, через сніг. Якщо тільки по містам, то червень - найкраща пора року.

2018-06-27 16:40 # 5 Інкогніто
По факту потрапили на дощовий тиждень. Температура біля 10 градусів. На вершинах дощ з мокрим снігом :)

2018-07-02 00:05 # 6 Юрій Буряк
2 Інкогніто
Норвегія дуже важка країна в плані погоди. Ми прямо зараз знову тут, температура +20-24, за неділю ніде жодної хмаринки. Але ми не планували наперед, подивились погоду і вирішили їхати за день. В Норвегію тільки так і можна, інакше шанс потрапити у дощі 80%.

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