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Presov Region - Slovakia

Strbske pleso, the most beautiful place in the TatrasRating: 8.20
It's the most popular, well-equipped and beautiful place in the Tatras, at an altitude of 1346 meters. We came here three times and walked around the lake twice, with a small child and a stroller, read more...

Slovak TatrasRating: 7.80
The Tatra Mountains are a rather unique mountain range. Everyone has heard of it, but I am sure that not everyone knows how small it is. The area of the massif is only 250 square kilometers and it is located on the territory of two countries, Poland and Slovakia. The main part, the High Tatras, is in Slovakia, where we went, read more...

Treetop Walk BachledkaRating: 7.00
A relatively new attraction in the Tatras. Such viewing platforms are now appearing in many European countries. Their distinctive feature is a gentle ascent, which is suitable for people with limited mobility, read more...

Cable car in Tatranska LomnicaRating: 7.00
The main cable car in the Slovak Tatras is located in Tatranská Lomnica, which became the first state resort in the region back in 1892. With a few transfers you can get to the second highest mountain in the Tatras - Lomnický Štít. Its height is 2632 meters, which is only 20 meters lower than the highest mountain in the country (Gerlachovský Štít), read more...

Levoca, one square townRating: 6.80
Levoca is a small town in the vicinity of the Tatras, known since 1249. The town has an interesting central square with a number of historical buildings, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. We stopped here at sunset and were the only tourists, the walk was very nice, read more...

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Hundisburg castle
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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