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300 Spartans, Greece
Added: 2018-12-08

Memorial to Tsar Leonid and 300 Spartans

For sure one of the most famous battles of the ancient world is the battle of Tsar Leonid and his 300 Spartans against the troops of the Persian king Xerxes, read more...
Epidaurus Theater, Greece
Added: 2018-12-08

Epidaurus Theater

The best preserved ancient theater. It was built between 340 and 330 years BC in the ancient Greek city of Epidaurus for the entertainment of nobles who were treated at the local asklepion (hospital), read more...
Sparta, Greece
Added: 2018-12-08


Thanks to the Internet, computer games and cinema, Sparta is perhaps the most famous ancient state, read more...
Fairytale Castle of Agrili, Greece
Added: 2018-12-07

Fairytale Castle of Agrili

On the coast of the Ionian Sea at the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese there is a rather unusual structure - the Fairy-tale castle of Agrili, read more...
Thessaloniki, Greece
Added: 2018-12-06


The second largest city of Greece, a major port, airport and cultural capital of the country. We spent in Thessaloniki not much time, but walked around the city, read more...
Navagio Beach, Greece
Added: 2018-12-05

Navagio Beach

The most famous, most instagram beach of Greece and probably of the whole of Europe. Also this is the main attraction of the Zakynthos island, read more...
Myrtos beach, Greece
Added: 2018-12-05

Myrtos beach

The most beautiful beach on the island of Kefalonia and one of the most beautiful in Greece. The surface is sandy-pebble, the entrance to the sea is difficult, as the pebbles are quite large. So the beach looks better than it really is. But there is a toilet, garbage cans, shower and cafe, read more...
Olympia, Greece
Added: 2018-12-04


Probably everyone in the world heard about the ancient Greek city of Olympia. This is not surprising, since this is the home of the first Olympic Games, read more...
Lake Vouliagmeni, Greece
Added: 2018-12-04

Lake Vouliagmeni

25 km to the south of Athens is located a rather unusual Lake Vouliagmeni. It is unique, since is filled from three sources with different water, read more...
Nafplio, Greece
Added: 2018-12-03

Bourtzi Fortress in Nafplio

Nafplion is a small, cozy town on the coast of the Argolicos Gulf of the Aegean Sea. This is not a beach resort, but if you are traveling around Greece, be sure to stop here, at least for a day, read more...
2018-11-30 15:32
2018-11-24 23:05
Marienburg Castle
2018-11-23 19:01
Weekend trips from Kyiv
2018-11-13 19:09
Kaminne Selo (Stone Village)
2018-11-08 04:51
Ternopil - 9
Kyffhauser Monument - 10
Laerdal Tunnel - 1
Honfleur - 10
Oleksandriya Park in Bila Tserkva - 10
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