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Sicasumbre viewpoint (Mirador Astronómico de Sicasumbre) in Fuerteventura, Spain
Added: 2024-04-04

Sicasumbre viewpoint (Mirador Astronómico de Sicasumbre) in Fuerteventura

A popular viewpoint. Due to the low light conditions on the island, its main purpose is stargazing, but all tourists stop here during the day as well. It can be very windy, though there are protective walls at the very top and it is possible to take cover, read more...
Morro Velosa viewpoint in Fuerteventura, Spain
Added: 2024-04-03

Morro Velosa viewpoint in Fuerteventura

A viewing platform near an abandoned lodge. The lodge was designed by Cesar Manrique, an iconic architect from the Canary Islands. We highly recommend visiting his sites on the island of Lanzarote, where they are in excellent condition, read more...
Guise and Ayose viewpoint in Fuerteventura, Spain
Added: 2024-04-03

Guise and Ayose viewpoint in Fuerteventura

A popular viewpoint, located just off the road. The two sculptures on it are dedicated to the kings of aboriginal people who used to live on the island, read more...
Vallebrón Viewpoint, Spain
Added: 2024-04-01

Vallebrón Viewpoint

An excellent viewpoint of Mount Tindaya on the island of Fuerteventura. The mountain is of special historical and archaeological interest because of the large number of rock paintings left by the Aborigines, for whom Tindaya was a sacred place, read more...
Sotavento de Jandía beach on Fuerteventura, Spain
Added: 2024-04-01

Sotavento de Jandía beach on Fuerteventura

A popular and one of the best beaches in Fuerteventura. The beach is sandy, very large and quite shallow in many places, which is ideal for families with small children, read more...
Solapa Beach (Playa de la Solapa), Marvel in Fuerteventura, Spain
Added: 2024-04-01

Solapa Beach (Playa de la Solapa), Marvel in Fuerteventura

Very beautiful and deserted volcanic beach. It is unlikely that you can swim here, the beach is not visited for that. It is better to visit during low tide, when the water goes away and the rocks are exposed, read more...
Cofete beach in Fuerteventura, Spain
Added: 2024-03-29

Cofete beach in Fuerteventura

Probably the most beautiful and interesting place in Fuerteventura. A perfect place for a movie like Jurassic Park. As of 2023, there is only a dirt road leading here, but it is passable for any vehicle, read more...
Playa del Pozo in Corralejo National Park, Spain
Added: 2024-03-29

Playa del Pozo in Corralejo National Park

Corralejo National Park is a popular place to walk the sand dunes, we saw hundreds of tourists doing this activity. There is no special place with the most beautiful dunes as they move around, so just drive along the road through the park and stop wherever is interesting. In 2023, the highest number of tourists was here 28.725806, -13.842806, read more...
Ajuy Caves (Cuevas de Ajuy) in Fuerteventura, Spain
Added: 2024-03-28

Ajuy Caves (Cuevas de Ajuy) in Fuerteventura

A natural attraction on the island of Fuerteventura. It's worth saying that we didn't go down to the caves themselves as we were with a small child, but the area itself and the path along the sea are worth a visit. You can see a beautiful photo of the cave at this link, read more...
Aztec heritage in Spanish Pajara, Spain
Added: 2024-03-28


We saw this little town while travelling around the island of Fuerteventura. It has a large convenient car park with toilets, a modern playground and a tiny historical centre. It is literally 50 metres from the car park and there is an interesting church called Nuestra Señora de Regla, read more...
2024-05-09 10:38
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Hundisburg castle
2024-01-24 16:39
Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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