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Other interesting places or events - Ukraine
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Light and Music Fountain near the Puppet TheaterRating: 8.20

In the center of Kyiv near the puppet theater there is a small light and music fountain with a sculpture ..., read more...

Manufaktura - Outlet Village near KyivRating: 8.20

In 2013, an unusual outlet village appeared near Kyiv. Its main feature are streets, canals, bridges and houses built ..., read more...

Planerna mountRating: 8.20

Not far from Kyiv there is a mount Planerna, which offers beautiful scenery. It is located behind the Manufaktura, ..., read more...

Rocks of DovbushRating: 8.00

The Rocks of Dovbush are a group of unique natural and man-made structures named in honor of opryshko (revolutionary) Oleksa ..., read more...

Syrets ArboretumRating: 8.00

Syrets Arboretum (dendropark) is unknown not only to a wide range of tourists but even to the locals. The park was ..., read more...

Sunny TrailRating: 8.00

Sunny Trail is a 7 km long pedestrian path between Livadia ans Gaspra. The trail from Livadia to Oreanda was ..., read more...

Switzerland Hotel Rating: 8.00

We rarely write about hotels and only about those that have something interesting. Park Hotel Switzerland is exactly of this ..., read more...

Fairytale castle near KievRating: 8.00

If you go to Kiev along the Zhitomir highway, a fairytale castle is visible on the right side, about 700 ..., read more...

Karting in the "Terminal" MallRating: 7.80

Karting in the "Terminal" mall in Brovary (Kyiv suburb) was the first indoor karting in Ukraine at the time ..., read more...

Ice Sculpture Park in KyivRating: 7.80

In winter 2009 an ice sculpture park appeared in Kyiv. For adults it might not be as interesting as for ..., read more...

Radomysl CastleRating: 7.80

In 2011 on the tourist map of Ukraine appeared a new object, Radomysl Castle. It is located in the town of ..., read more...

YuzhnoukrainskRating: 7.80

Yuzhnoukrainsk is a young city, which was built as a satellite of South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. This power plant ..., read more...

Cascades TractRating: 7.80

Huge granite boulders created a stunningly beautiful place on the Buki river in the Kirovohrad region (don't confuse with the ..., read more...

SteblivRating: 7.80

Stebliv is a small town in the Cherkasy region, known primarily for estate museum of Ukrainian writer Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky. The ..., read more...

Cape MeganomRating: 7.60

Cape Meganom is a natural attraction that is full of backpackers in summer. Our friends even have a tradition of ..., read more...

Skakalo WaterfallRating: 7.60

A small waterfall with unusual name (Skakalo = Jumper) is located in a picturesque place. The name was given because ..., read more...

Zbarazh CastleRating: 7.60

Zbarazh Castle is located near the center of town Zbarazh in Ternopil region. Near the castle there is a nice ..., read more...

Trufanets WaterfallRating: 7.60

Trufanets waterfall is the tallest natural waterfall of Zakarpattia (36 m). It is located right next to the road. There's ..., read more...

Grokholsky Palace in VoronovytsiaRating: 7.60

In Voronovytsia we visited the palace of the Grokholsky and Mozhaisky families (XVIII century). There is a park around the ..., read more...

Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences of UkraineRating: 7.60

The Main Astronomical Observatory (MAO) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was founded on July 17, 1944 at the ..., read more...

Palace of the Countess PaninaRating: 7.60

The neo-Gothic palace was built in 1834-1840 by Elson and Guito for a friend of the Emperor Alexander I, the ..., read more...

Paradise ParkRating: 7.60

One of the newest parks of Crimea, Paradise, is located in the "Aivazovskoye" resort. It was founded in 1964-1966 on ..., read more...

Ostrovsky Park in KorostenRating: 7.60

Ostrovsky Park is the main attraction of Korosten. Every year in September, the festival of deruny (hash browns) is held ..., read more...

Biryuchyi IslandRating: 7.40

Biryuchyi island is a spit in the Azov Sea, where a unique Azov-Sivash National Park is located. Currently, the access ..., read more...

Rafting on TysaRating: 7.40

Our first rafting experience took place on the Tysa river near Khust. It's a rather quiet river, so be prepared for ..., read more...

Zorbing in KyivRating: 7.40

In Kyiv, in Protasov Yar there is an unusual form of entertainment: Zorbing. This is when you are put into ..., read more...

Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi AvenueRating: 7.40

There is an observation deck in Kyiv on the roof of a building located at 4-A Chervonozorianyi Avenue. It is ..., read more...

Molochnyi Kamin (Milk Stone) Cave in the Carpathian Biosphere ReserveRating: 7.40

Eco trail to the Molochniy Kamin cave is located in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and starts from the Velyka Ugolka village. ..., read more...

KirovohradRating: 7.40

Kirovohrad (Yelisavetgrad before 1924) is located in the heart of Ukraine. There's even the sign "Geographical Center of the Country" in ..., read more...

Kaminne Selo (Stone Village)Rating: 7.40

Kaminne Selo (Stone Village) is one of the less known but interesting places in Ukraine. On several hectares of forest ..., read more...

National Park «Piryatinsky»Rating: 7.40

Sometimes we visit places which are unknown to most tourists. National Park "Piryatinsky" is one of those places. It was ..., read more...

Live Tropical Butterfly Exhibition in KyivRating: 7.20

In 2009 we visited an exhibition of tropical butterflies at the Gryshko Botanical Garden in Kyiv. For comfortable existence the butterflies ..., read more...

Oleshky SandsRating: 7.20

Oleshky Sands is the second largest sand massive in Europe after Ryn Sands in Kazakhstan. Don't believe those who say ..., read more...

Vysokyi Kamin (Tall Stone) QuarryRating: 7.20

Not far from Kyiv, along the Zhytomyr highway there are several interesting granite quarries. They are now abandoned, filled ..., read more...

SamchykyRating: 7.20

Samchyky is a beautiful, well-preserved estate and park of the Hoetsky family in the Samchyky village of the Khmelnytsky Region. The estate ..., read more...

Karst Bridge in the Carpathian Biosphere ReserveRating: 7.20

One of the most spectacular places in the Carpathians is a karst bridge in the biosphere reserve near the Mala ..., read more...

BakotaRating: 7.20

Not far from Kamianets-Podilskyi is the area called Bakota. It's located on the territory of the Podilsky Tovtry National ..., read more...

Polissia Nature ReserveRating: 7.20

Polissia Nature Reserve is located in northern Ukraine near the Belarus border. It was created in 1968 to preserve pine forests ..., read more...

Experimentanium in KyivRating: 7.20

In September 2012 the scientific and entertainment center "Experimentanium" was opened in Kyiv. Two floors are occupied by special amusement features and ..., read more...

Moroziv Coal MineRating: 7.20

The Moroziv coal mine is one of the most unusual places in the Kirovohrad region. It is a 6 km ..., read more...

DenyshiRating: 7.20

Denyshi is a small village near Zhytomyr with several interesting and beautiful places nearby. On the other side of the ..., read more...

Trahtemirivski peninsulaRating: 7.20

Trahtemirivski peninsula is a nice place on the banks of the Dnieper. Its territory of the State Historical and Cultural ..., read more...

PidkaminRating: 7.20
Pidkamin is a funny name for a village, which means "At the bottom of the stone". Here, on one of ..., read more...

Castle in SkalatRating: 7.20
A small village of Skalat has a castle founded by Krzysztof Wichrowski in 1630. Towers are fully preserved, walls and ..., read more...

Sand Sculpture Exhibition in KyivRating: 7.00

Sand sculpture festivals are annually held in Kyiv. We visited one of them on the Trukhaniv island.

,

Bukovel (In Summer)Rating: 7.00

Bukovel is the best ski resort in Ukraine. However, we visited it in summer 2007, when it was under construction. ..., read more...

Calamita Fortress in InkermanRating: 7.00

Inkerman is famous because of its winery. We went there to explore the ruins of the fortress, built in 1427 ..., read more...

Kobzov CircusRating: 7.00

There are several state circuses in Ukraine - in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, and Odessa. But ..., read more...

KachanivkaRating: 7.00

Kachanivka is the best known palace near Kyiv. It's one of the few places in Ukraine that has a , read more...

Sokolyne Berdo (Falcon's Nest) Cliff in the Carpathian Biosphere ReserveRating: 7.00

Eco trail to the Sokolyne Berdo (Falcon's Nest) cliff is located in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. It's a path in the ..., read more...

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Hundisburg castle
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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