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 Country of bullfighting, soccer and paella 
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Other interesting places or events - Spain

Zahara de la SierraRating: 7.40

Along the road from Seville to Ronda, we stopped in the small town of Zahara de la Sierra, located on ..., read more...

AvilaRating: 7.20

We visited Avila on the way from Segovia to Salamanca. The city is situated at an altitude of 1128 meters ..., read more...

Castellfollit de la RocaRating: 7.20
Castellfollit de la Roca is an ancient town located on a high basalt crag. It was formed during the eruption of the volcano, when two streams of lava passed along the sides. There are only 1000 inhabitants in the town and many of the houses are located directly above the 50 meter cliff, read more...

Es Pontas Natural BridgeRating: 7.00
Near the town of Cala Santanyí you can find a natural wonder - the stone bridge Es Pontas, read more...

AlmeriaRating: 6.80

Almeria is a resort city on the southern coast of Spain. It is very similar many other resorts along the ..., read more...

Sanctuary of El FarRating: 6.80
The sanctuary of El Far is located on a cliff, at an altitude of 1123 meters above sea level. It was built in the 12th century. The place is very beautiful, we recommend it not only to history lovers, read more...

Miramar Monastery (Majorca)Rating: 6.60
The first monastery was founded on this place in 1276, some of its parts are still preserved, read more...

Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural ParkRating: 6.00
There are about 40 extinct volcanoes in the Garrotxa Natural Park. The last eruption was 11,000 years ago, although the area is still seismically active. Now this is a popular hiking place, read more...

Morro de l'Abella viewpointRating: 6.00
This viewpoint offers good views of Sau reservoir and located on the top of the cliff. At the very edge is a little bit scary, be careful, read more...

Sant Pere de Casserres monastery viewpointRating: 6.00
Usually tourists visit the monastery of Sant Pere de Cáceres itself. In 1998, a small museum was opened inside after reconstruction, read more...

Park GarrellRating: 5.60
Park Garrell (Las Cabañas de Argelaguer) is a little-known place in Catalonia, we learned about it by chance, after seeing the article in the Spanish blog, read more...

S'Amarador beachRating: 5.60
Beach in a beautiful bay, surrounded by coniferous forests on the island of Mallorca, read more...

Salmunia Bay (Cala s'Almunia) and Calo des Moro beachRating: 4.80
Just a beautiful place and a popular beach. There are rocks, forest and three small beaches (the most beautiful is Caló des Moro), read more...

Es Trenc Beach, MajorcaRating: 4.00
Huge wild beach on the south coast of Mallorca. In the summer it is very popular with tourists, so come early in the morning, read more...

The Enchanted Forest of Orrius
This place can not be called a tourist attraction, but if you like interesting places, then you can visit. There are several stone figures in the forest not far from Barcelona. We did not have the coordinates and spent about 2 hours to find them, read more...

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