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castle - Ukraine

Kamianets-PodilskyiRating: 8.40


Kamianets-Podilskyi is one of Ukraine's main attractions. In 2007 it was among the winners of the Seven Wonders of ..., read more...

Lastochkino Gnezdo (Swallow's Nest)Rating: 8.40

Swallow's Nest resembles a tiny medieval castle. It's an unofficial symbol of Crimea, and the picture from this angle I ..., read more...

Bilhorod-DnistrovskyiRating: 8.00

The Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress (Akkerman Fortress) is quite far from the main tourist areas, so reserve at least 2 days for a visit. ..., read more...

Pidgirtsi CastleRating: 8.00

Pidgirtsi Castle is one of the best in Ukraine, but it is much less known than the other ones. Built in ..., read more...

ZhovkvaRating: 8.00

Zhovkva is a small Renaissance town near Lviv, the former residence of the King of Poland Jan Sobieski III. ..., read more...

Fairytale castle near KievRating: 8.00

If you go to Kiev along the Zhitomir highway, a fairytale castle is visible on the right side, about 700 ..., read more...

LutskRating: 7.80

We wanted to visit Lutsk for a long time, but we were unlucky. The direction to Lutsk is very popular, ..., read more...

Radomysl CastleRating: 7.80

In 2011 on the tourist map of Ukraine appeared a new object, Radomysl Castle. It is located in the town of ..., read more...

Khotyn FortressRating: 7.60


Khotyn Fortress is situated on the picturesque bank of the Dniester river in the town of Khotyn, just ..., read more...

Zolochiv CastleRating: 7.60

Castle and fortress in Zolochev were built in 1634 by Jakub Sobieski. The building was based on the principle of ..., read more...

Svirzh CastleRating: 7.60

Svirzh Castle (first mentioned in 1530) is located on a hill near the lake and is very picturesque and well maintained ..., read more...

Zbarazh CastleRating: 7.60

Zbarazh Castle is located near the center of town Zbarazh in Ternopil region. Near the castle there is a nice ..., read more...

UzhgorodRating: 7.60
Uzhgorod is an administrative center of the Zakarpattia Region and the largest city. It stands on the banks of the ..., read more...

Palace of the Count SchoenbornRating: 7.40
The trains in the direction of Uzhgorod go through the Chynadiyovo village, but only some of the passengers know that ..., read more...

Palanok Castle in MukacheveRating: 7.40

In the town of Mukacheve at the height of 70 meters stands an interesting Palanok Castle. The castle can be ..., read more...

Medzhybizh FortressRating: 7.20

Medzhybizh Fortress not as famous as other fortresses in Ukraine, but the place is interesting. It was built in 1540 ..., read more...

TernopilRating: 7.20

This time we came to Ternopil for three days. Spent the night at the hotel "Ternopil", overlooking the ..., read more...

StarokostyantynivRating: 7.20

Starokostyantyniv has two places of interest: ruins of a defense tower as tall as a 12-floor building and ruins of ..., read more...

Castle in SkalatRating: 7.20
A small village of Skalat has a castle founded by Krzysztof Wichrowski in 1630. Towers are fully preserved, walls and ..., read more...

Dubno CastleRating: 6.80

We visited the Dubno Castle in 2008 and 2013. This is one of the oldest castles in Ukraine, built in 1492 ..., read more...

Olesko CastleRating: 6.80

Olesko Castle can be seen from the Kyiv - Chop highway not far from Lviv. It's located on a hill, so ..., read more...

OlykaRating: 6.80

In the Olyka village there are several interesting objects, such as the castle and the Radziwill family Collegial Church of Holy ..., read more...

Fortress in Stare SeloRating: 6.80

The fortress in Stare Selo (Old Village) is one of the largest fortresses in Ukraine. Its official name is Starosilskyi ..., read more...

BerezhanyRating: 6.80
Berezhany is a small town in the Ternopil region. We arrived here early in the morning and went on the ..., read more...

KremenetsRating: 6.60

We didn't know much about Kremenets. The only landmark we knew there was the castle ruins, although there was a ..., read more...

Berdychiv CastleRating: 6.40

Berdychiv is an ancient town in the Zhytomyr region where you can find dozens of architectural monuments. But we were ..., read more...

LetychivRating: 6.40

We arrived at Letychiv to see several objects. The first is a 10-meter bronze monument to Ustym Karmalyuk, a well-known ..., read more...

Dzhuryn Waterfall and ChervonohradRating: 6.40

The Dzhuryn Waterfall is the largest waterfall of the flat part of Ukraine (16 m).

However, ...,

BrodyRating: 6.20
Brody is primarily known for gas pipeline of the same name. Most residents of Ukraine have heard about this town ..., read more...

TerebovliaRating: 6.00

We visited Terebovlia to see the castle ruins that stand on a hill. During our visit the ruins had been ..., read more...

Nevytsky castleRating: 6.00
At 12 km from Uzhgorod on the hill stands dilapidated but picturesque Nevytsky Castle, first mentioned in the XIV century. ..., read more...

MykulyntsiRating: 5.80

Mykulyntsi is a small town known for its beer.

The town itself is considered to be the oldest in ..., read more...

BuchachRating: 5.20

Buchach is an ancient town located on the banks of the Strypa river. The town is hilly, which allows you ..., read more...

Castle St. MiklosRating: 5.20
Castle St. Miklos or Chinadievo castle was built in the XV century. Despite poor exterior, inside the first floor is ..., read more...

SerednjeRating: 4.80

Serednje is not popular with tourists. We stopped there for a couple of hours: to see the ruins of the ..., read more...

KlevanRating: 4.60

We came to Klevan to see the Czartoryski Castle (1561). The old castle is in awful condition today, looks like ruins ..., read more...

YazlivetsRating: 4.60

We visited Yazlivets to see the castle ruins and a monastery located nearby. The castle is located in a 15-minute ..., read more...

10 best castles of UkraineRating: 0.00

Ukraine is rich in castles, but unfortunately not so rich to keep them all in good condition. Nevertheless, the work ..., read more...

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Hundisburg castle
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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