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Copenhagen, DenmarkRating: 9.00

For the vast majority of tourists a trip to Denmak starts and finishes in Copenhagen, so they visit only one ..., read more...

Mezhyhiria, UkraineRating: 8.80


After a year of existence of Mezhyhirya as a tourist center, there are some changes, many food outlets ..., read more...

Dadiani Palace, GeorgiaRating: 8.60

Dadiani Palace is the winter residence of the rulers of the Megrelian principality, which is located in a botanical garden.
,

Pena Palace, PortugalRating: 8.40
Pena Palace and Park are the major attractions in Portugal. Yes, the palace is not the oldest and not the ..., read more...

Potsdam, GermanyRating: 8.40

Potsdam is a suburb of Berlin. Being relatively small, the city has an incredible number of attractions and rich history. ..., read more...

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, FranceRating: 8.40
Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is the only opportunity for the mass tourist to join the luxurious life at Cape Ferrat, the place with the most expensive real estate in the world, read more...

Palace and park in Ludwigslust, GermanyRating: 8.40

City of Ludwigslust is quite young. In 1724 Prince Christian Ludwig, son of the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, decided to build ..., read more...

Wolfenbuettel, GermanyRating: 8.20

Wolfenbüttel is a small town 12 km from Braunschweig and 60 km from Hannover. The town is well-known in ..., read more...

Belvedere Palace in Weimar, GermanyRating: 8.20

On one of the hills on the outskirts of Weimar stands colorful Belvedere Palace. It was built in 1724-1732 years ..., read more...

Het Loo Palace, NetherlandsRating: 8.00
The summer royal palace of Het Loo was built in the 1680s. In 1960 the Queen of the Netherlands Wilhelmina decided to transfer the palace to the state after her death and that was done in 1962. Now almost all the territory is accessible for visiting, except the castle of 15th century Het Oude Loo, located in the park, which is now used by the royal family, read more...

Madrid, SpainRating: 8.00

Madrid is in the center of Spain, it stands away from the coast and therefore less popular with tourists than ..., read more...

Park Montserrat, PortugalRating: 8.00
Despite its exotic look, Monserrate Palace was built by English architect as a resting place of the Portuguese nobility. The ..., read more...

Goslar and Rammelsberg Mine, GermanyRating: 8.00

Goslar is a small town in Lower Saxony, at the foot of the Harz Mountains. The main attraction of Goslar ..., read more...

Pidgirtsi Castle, UkraineRating: 8.00

Pidgirtsi Castle is one of the best in Ukraine, but it is much less known than the other ones. Built in ..., read more...

Nymphenburg Palace, GermanyRating: 8.00

Nymphenburg Palace was built in 1664-1675 by order of Ferdinand Maria. At that time it was outside Munich, but now ..., read more...

Magdalena Park in Santander, SpainRating: 8.00
The city of Santander is quite famous in the world, primarily due to the eponymous bank, one of the largest in Europe. We stopped here for a walk in Magdalena Park, read more...

Augustusburg Palace in Bruehl, GermanyRating: 8.00
The 18th century Rococo Palace, built by order of the Archbishop and Elector of Cologne, Clemens August Bavarian, read more...

Sintra, PortugalRating: 7.80
Sintra is the main attraction in Portugal. The town itself is an ancient and picturesque, but the main interest are ..., read more...

Villa Hugel, GermanyRating: 7.80
In the southern part of Essen, on the high banks of the river Ruhr, stands villa of a wealthiest family ..., read more...

Vyshnivets Palace, UkraineRating: 7.80
In Vyshnivets is located a well-preserved 18th-century palace, the former residence of Vyshnevetsky princes and later Mnishek princes.

Currently ...,

Split, CroatiaRating: 7.60

Split is the second largest and important city in Croatia. Unlike Zagreb, it is located on the coast and therefore ..., read more...

Bueckeburg Palace, GermanyRating: 7.60

In a small town of Bückeburg, in a beautiful park lies the majestic palace, the residence of Schaumburg-Lippe Princes . It ..., read more...

Weimar, GermanyRating: 7.60

Frankly speaking, we didn't know about Weimar before our visit. But afterward it became clear that one day was not ..., read more...

Grokholsky Palace in Voronovytsia, UkraineRating: 7.60

In Voronovytsia we visited the palace of the Grokholsky and Mozhaisky families (XVIII century). There is a park around the ..., read more...

Palace of the Countess Panina, UkraineRating: 7.60

The neo-Gothic palace was built in 1834-1840 by Elson and Guito for a friend of the Emperor Alexander I, the ..., read more...

Dulber Palace, UkraineRating: 7.60

Dulber Palace was built in romantic Moorish style in 1895-1897. It was built in the Crimean estate of Grand Duke ..., read more...

Schieder palace (Schloss Schieder), GermanyRating: 7.60
Small palace of the early 18th century. It was built by a representative of one of the branches of the noble family Lippe, and later belonged to various graphs of Lippe, read more...

Palace of the Count Schoenborn, UkraineRating: 7.40
The trains in the direction of Uzhgorod go through the Chynadiyovo village, but only some of the passengers know that ..., read more...

Vorontsov Palace, UkraineRating: 7.40

Vorontsov Palace is the most visited attraction in Crimea and one of the most popular places in Ukraine. Every year, only ..., read more...

Massandra Palace, UkraineRating: 7.40

Massandra Palace is a very interesting architectural monument of the XIX century. The building was constructed in the style of ..., read more...

Hubertusburg palace, GermanyRating: 7.40
Hubersburg palace (castle) was built in 1721 by Prince Frederick Augustus. It became famous in 1763 after signing the Hubertusburg Peace Treaty, which stopped the seven-year war between Austria, Prussia and Saxony, read more...

Dornburg palaces (Dornburger Schloesser), GermanyRating: 7.40
The architectural ensemble of the three palaces in the city of Dornburg. All three buildings are located in a line at the top of a hill and are built in different styles, read more...

Guimaraes, PortugalRating: 7.20
Guimaraes is a small, ancient town located 50 km from Porto. Has a sagnificant importance for Portugal, as there on ..., read more...

Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum, UAERating: 7.20

Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum in Al Ain was founded in the palace of the former UAE President, Sheikh Zayed bin ..., read more...

Quinta da Regaleira, PortugalRating: 7.20
Quinta da Regaleira it is the only big attraction of Sintra, which is not included in the National Park of ..., read more...

Karlsruhe, GermanyRating: 7.20

Karlsruhe is a scientific and industrial center and the second largest river port in Germany. The city is young; according ..., read more...

Samchyky, UkraineRating: 7.20

Samchyky is a beautiful, well-preserved estate and park of the Hoetsky family in the Samchyky village of the Khmelnytsky Region. The estate ..., read more...

Pirna, GermanyRating: 7.20
Pirna is a small old town on the banks of Elbe. It is located between Dresden and Saxon Switzerland National ..., read more...

Wiesbaden, GermanyRating: 7.20
Wiesbaden is the capital of Hesse, although it is not the biggest city in the region. All places of interest ..., read more...

Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida, LatviaRating: 7.00
Sigulda is a great option for a day trip from Riga. In a small area there is a huge number ..., read more...

El Escorial, SpainRating: 7.00

El Escorial is a monastery, palace and residence of the Spanish King Philip II. On August 10, 1557 the army ..., read more...

Kachanivka, UkraineRating: 7.00

Kachanivka is the best known palace near Kyiv. It's one of the few places in Ukraine that has a , read more...

Hardenberg Castle and Palace, GermanyRating: 7.00

The Hardenberg Castle and Hardenberg Palace are located close to each other and belong to the noble Hardenberg family.

,

Etelsen palace, GermanyRating: 7.00

In the village of Etelsen stands a small and well-preserved palace built in 1885-1887 years by brothers Heimbruch for the ..., read more...

Potocki Palace in Tulchyn, UkraineRating: 7.00

Potocki Palace is the most interesting tourist attraction in Tulchyn. But first we walked along the main street and found some ..., read more...

Sharivka, UkraineRating: 7.00

In Sharivka we visited an architectural complex built in the early XIX century by landowner Olhovsky. At the end of ..., read more...

Baturin, UkraineRating: 7.00

For a long time, since 1669, Baturin was the residence of many hetmans (leaders of cossacks) of the left-bank ..., read more...

Palace of Brunicki in Veliky Luben, UkraineRating: 7.00

We came at Veliky Lubin to see the palace of Brunicki. There was a castle on this site since the ..., read more...

Chortoriya (Chernivtsi region), UkraineRating: 7.00
Small village of Chortoriya in Chernivtsi region has several interesting places. The most surprising and totally unknown even in Ukraine ..., read more...

Queluz Palace, PortugalRating: 6.80
Queluz Palace (1742 - 1767) is the major Portuguese royal palace. Presidents of other countries stay here during official visits. ..., read more...

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