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antique city

Taormina, ItalyRating: 8.00
Taormina is the best town in Sicily, be sure to include it to your route. It is also the best ..., read more...

Matera, ItalyRating: 7.60
Matera is far from the major tourist trails in Italy and therefore not as popular and famous as other places, despite its importance, read more...

Paphos, CyprusRating: 7.40

Cyprus has several major resort towns and Paphos is one of them. It is attractive because of  its own airport. ..., read more...

Syracuse, ItalyRating: 6.80
Despite the fact that Siracusa is smaller than Catania, the city looks much nicer, which is not surprising, since it ..., read more...

Athens, GreeceRating: 6.60
During our first big trip around Greece, we skipped Athens. Came here later for the weekend. Visited only the major locations, but have formed an opinion about the city, read more...

Delphi, GreeceRating: 6.60
Delphi is an ancient Greek city included in the World Heritage List. It is located on the mountain slope, 10 kilometers away from the Gulf of Corinth. Near the ancient city there is a modern tourist town of the same name, read more...

Pergamon, TurkeyRating: 6.60

Pergamum (Pergamon) is an ancient city in the historical region of Moesia. Was founded in the XII century BC by ..., read more...

Ephesus, TurkeyRating: 6.60

Antique city of Ephesus is less known than Troy, but it is more interesting for tourists. It finally was ..., read more...

Pompeii, ItalyRating: 6.20
Pompeii is the world famous ancient city, destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. It is famous, first of all, for the fact that the multi-meter layer of volcanic ash perfectly preserved the city. In the process of excavation, which began back in 1748, it turned out that not only the interior of the houses was preserved, but even the petrified inhabitants of the city. During the eruption, about 2,000 people died, read more...

Demre, TurkeyRating: 5.60

Demre is very popular place among tourists. Often people come here during a day tour "Demre - Myra - Kekova."
,

Hattushash, TurkeyRating: 5.20

Hattushash is a capital of a powerful ancient Hittite Kingdom (ca. 1800 - ca. 1180 BC). The ruins were discovered ..., read more...

Sparta, GreeceRating: 5.20
Thanks to the Internet, computer games and cinema, Sparta is perhaps the most famous ancient state, read more...

Olympia, GreeceRating: 4.80
Probably everyone in the world heard about the ancient Greek city of Olympia. This is not surprising, since this is the home of the first Olympic Games, read more...

Troy, TurkeyRating: 4.60

Troy is probably the most famous of ancient cities, which did not live up to our days. Curiously, but many ..., read more...

Kekova, TurkeyRating: 4.20

Kekova is a small island in the Mediterranean. Known for the ruins of the ancient city Dolihiste, which was destroyed ..., read more...

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Outstanding Ukrainians
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Tarakaniv Fort
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Tarakaniv Fort
Frankenstein castle - 9
Ohrid - 10
Mont Saint Michel - 10
Queluz Palace - 10
Stockholm - 9
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