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Dinant, BelgiumRating: 8.20
We couldn't miss Dinan, since its picturesque photos are all over the Internet. The town is really beautiful, located on both banks of the river Meuse, read more...

Rabat Fortress in Akhaltsikhe, GeorgiaRating: 8.20

The newly reconstructed Rabat Fortress in Akhaltsikhe is the largest tourism project in Georgia in the last 10 years. The work ..., read more...

Corfu (Kerkyra), GreeceRating: 8.20
Kerkyra or Corfu is the administrative center and the largest city on the island of Corfu. A city with a very long and interesting history, and gorgeous Greek, French, Italian and English architecture. As a photographer I enjoyed the city very much and recommend it, read more...

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, UkraineRating: 8.00

The Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress (Akkerman Fortress) is quite far from the main tourist areas, so reserve at least 2 days for a visit. ..., read more...

Balaklava, UkraineRating: 8.00

In Balaklava, the main attraction for us was a top-secret submarine base (825 GTS Object). But the Balaklava Bay is a paradise ..., read more...

Mdina, MaltaRating: 7.80
Mdina is the first capital of Malta, founded 4000 years ago, popular tourist destination. The heyday of the city goes ..., read more...

Khotyn Fortress, UkraineRating: 7.60


Khotyn Fortress is situated on the picturesque bank of the Dniester river in the town of Khotyn, just ..., read more...

Granada, SpainRating: 7.60

The main stronghold of Spain Alhambra is located in Granada (http://www.alhambra-patronato.es), so many tourists come here to visit it. ..., read more...

Monemvasia, GreeceRating: 7.60
Monemvasia is one of the most unusual cities in the world, we have not seen anything like it. Even the geographical position of this place attracts thousands of tourists, read more...

Zolochiv Castle, UkraineRating: 7.60

Castle and fortress in Zolochev were built in 1634 by Jakub Sobieski. The building was based on the principle of ..., read more...

Fort Boyard, FranceRating: 7.60
There are probably few people who did not hear the music of this famous TV show, read more...

Zahara de la Sierra, SpainRating: 7.40

Along the road from Seville to Ronda, we stopped in the small town of Zahara de la Sierra, located on ..., read more...

Aigues-Mortes, FranceRating: 7.40
Aigues-Mortes is a unique city, we have not seen anything like that before. Imagine a medieval city surrounded by a fortress wall, but absolutely rectangular. This is Aigues-Mortes, read more...

Belfort, FranceRating: 7.20
The city of Belfort would be a standard tourist town, similar to many other towns in eastern France. But it has one unusual sight - the Belfort Lion, read more...

Medzhybizh Fortress, UkraineRating: 7.20

Medzhybizh Fortress not as famous as other fortresses in Ukraine, but the place is interesting. It was built in 1540 ..., read more...

Erfurt, GermanyRating: 7.20

Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia, city with 1270 years of history. Due to the excellent location, at the crossroads ..., read more...

Pidkamin, UkraineRating: 7.20
Pidkamin is a funny name for a village, which means "At the bottom of the stone". Here, on one of ..., read more...

Khertvisi Fortress, GeorgiaRating: 7.00

You will pass the Khertvisi Fortress on the way to Vardzia. It stands on a high hill at the confluence ..., read more...

Alaverdi Monastery and Fortress, GeorgiaRating: 7.00

Alaverdi will be insteresting for many tourists because of its location. The fortress and monastery, built by the king of ..., read more...

Galle Fort, Sri LankaRating: 7.00

Galle, or as it is called by the locals, Goal, is the third largest city in Sri Lanka. In 1505, ..., read more...

Calamita Fortress in Inkerman, UkraineRating: 7.00

Inkerman is famous because of its winery. We went there to explore the ruins of the fortress, built in 1427 ..., read more...

Cathedral and Fortress of San Salvador in Arta, SpainRating: 7.00
There are two places on the island of Mallorca called San Salvador, so there may be confusion. In Arta located the cathedral (sanctuary) and near the town of Felanitx - a monastery and a hotel. Both places are located on the hills and offer scenic views, read more...

Tustan, UkraineRating: 7.00
Tustan is one of the most unusual castles on the territory of modern Ukraine. The original wooden fortifications on the ..., read more...

Zabljak Crnojeviсa Fortress, MontenegroRating: 6.80

The Zabljak Crnojeviсa Fortress stands on the site of a medieval city that was the capital of the Crnojevic dynasty in ..., read more...

Ghost town and Mystra Fortress, GreeceRating: 6.80
Mystra is an abandoned medieval city, which was located on a hill a few kilometers from the capital of the state of Sparta. Despite the fact that the cities were close by, in time they were separated by a whole millennium, read more...

Venetian fortress Methoni, GreeceRating: 6.80
Methoni is a small town on the southwest coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, best known for its great fortress. It was built by the Venetians, after they took away this area from the Crusaders in 1206. They made the town an important and large medieval center., read more...

Fortress in Stare Selo, UkraineRating: 6.80

The fortress in Stare Selo (Old Village) is one of the largest fortresses in Ukraine. Its official name is Starosilskyi ..., read more...

Koenigstein fortress, GermanyRating: 6.60
On a high cliff above the Elbe there is a plateau with an area of 9.5 hectares. Since 1233 this ..., read more...

Ananuri Fortress, GeorgiaRating: 6.40

The Ananuri Fortress didn't survive in its original size to the present day. However, the citadel and the churches were ..., read more...

Carbonniere Tower, FranceRating: 6.40
The tower of Carbonier belongs to the fortifications of Aigues-Mortes. It was constructed in the 13th century. The city is quite far away (3.5 km) and the tower stands alone, in the middle of the fields. The area is swampy and the only road passed through the tower, so it housed several military, which charged the fee for the passage, read more...

Ujarma Fortress, GeorgiaRating: 6.20

On the road from Tbilisi to Telavi you'll definitely pass the Ujarma Fortress, which was founded in the III century. ..., read more...

Tarakaniv Fort, UkraineRating: 6.00

The Tarakaniv Fort can hardly be called a fortress or a castle. This is a huge fortification, unique in Ukraine. At ..., read more...

Fort la Latte, FranceRating: 5.00
One of the most famous castles of Brittany. Built in 1340 - 1370 for the protection of the Saint-Malo gulf, read more...

Novohrad-Volynskyi, UkraineRating: 4.80

We came to Novohrad-Volynskyi for 30 minutes to see the remains of the Zvyagilska Fortress (1507). The remains are tiny, but ..., read more...

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Hundisburg castle
Mount Zugspitze - 10
Goreme National Park - 9
Observation Deck on the Chervonozorianyi Avenue - 1
Potsdam - 8
Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida - 8
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